At a Glance: June 2018

June At a Glance

This month we were proud to sponsor two great technology events in our hometown of Berlin: NOAH and Tech Open Air. CEO and Co-founder Jens Wohltorf also spoke at NOAH to investors and fellow entrepreneurs.


You can see his full presentation here.

At Tech Open Air, we provided rides and shuttle services for the TOA Open Circle, the exclusive series of satellite events for speakers and invited guests. Our director of marketing, Norbert Meinike, spoke about the timeline for technologies such as flying cars and autonomous vehicles.

In June we also took a broader look at the travel industry and gave tips for activities, sights and dining. For example, you can learn about how technology is transforming travel with apps that translate languages, organize tasks and transfer money. If you’re in Russia for the world’s most popular sports tournament, we offer ideas to spend your time in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.

Last but not least, we summarize some of the world’s weirdest driving laws. Find out why some Finnish taxis don’t use radios and where in the U.S. you’re prohibited from pumping your own fuel.