Blacklane vs. Legacy Limousines

Blacklane brings unprecedented affordability to the professional driver experience, while preserving the five-star service you expect.

Each guaranteed booking is priced at a fraction of legacy limousine rates — often near or below the cost of a taxi. And there are no fees or hard-to-read costs hidden in the fine print. What you see is what you pay. To top it off, you can book and cancel for free with as little as an hour’s notice.

We operate around the globe — currently in nearly 190 cities in 50 countries — and no matter where you ride, your experience with Blacklane will be the same, regardless of whether you’re in New York, Berlin, Shanghai or Abu Dhabi.

We know that trains and planes are famous for being delayed, so we track your arrival information to make sure your driver is there when you are. And we believe the standard 20 minutes of wait time isn’t enough, so we include an hour instead.

See the infographic below for more information. Next week, we’ll show you how we’re different from ride-hailing and aggregators. If you missed our comparison with taxis on Wednesday, click here.