The votes are in: Introducing all-new business Tuk-Tuks

Your feedback is what helps us grow our service in the right direction, which is why we held a poll to decide our next service class. Well, the results are in: Introducing Business Tuk-Tuks, available now in select cities.

We are always looking for ways to take our service to the next level. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new service class: Business Tuk-Tuks, available in select cities.

The Business Tuk-Tuk service class won out unanimously over Your Professional Rider, a class of horses specially trained for commuting in big cities, and Business Bike, bicycles guided by a cutting-edge Blacklane AI system.

The modern business traveler is always looking for ways to think outside of the box, and we are too. With our Business Tuk-Tuks, you get all the five-star service you’ve come to expect from Blacklane, combined with the freedom of riding in an open-air vehicle.

Let your surroundings inspire you. Feel the wind in your hair. In one of our Tuk-Tuks, you will feel closer than ever to the city you’re travelling in. You can ride rain or shine, as all vehicles have sturdy roofs of reinforced canvas.

Perfect for short commutes, our Tuk-Tuks can seat two passengers with one piece of small luggage. As your safety is our biggest concern, all Blacklane Tuk-Tuks are outfitted with seat belts and are compatible with most child seats. Children who ride in child seats must be accompanied by an adult.

All our Tuk-Tuk chauffeurs are licensed, trained, and insured specifically for auto rickshaws, and they will get you through the city in record time, especially since the compact design means never having to search for a parking space.

Thank you to everyone who voted, as we could not have achieved this without you. Were you one of the 37% who voted for either the Your Professional Rider or Business Bike vehicle classes? As we are constantly working on adding to our service, you may see your choice become a reality soon.

Be sure to book your Business Tuk-Tuk today in:





Las Vegas,




London, or

São Paulo.