Your most common customer care questions: Part 2

Last week we posted our first four most frequently asked questions. This week’s questions cover your pickup.

Common Customer Care Questions - Part 2

We are happy to offer you a pickup tailored to different situations.

How long will my driver wait for me?

It depends. Drivers wait for 15 minutes for free at locations that are not an airport, train station or harbor.

How long will my driver wait for me at airports, train stations and harbors?

Great question! When arriving by plane or train, 1 hour of driver wait time is included! This is calculated from the actual — not scheduled — arrival time, which is why we request your flight and train information. When arriving into a harbor, your driver will wait up to 30 minutes, with the first 15 minutes free of charge.

What if my flight lands early?

We track your flight so your driver will be there waiting for you even if you land early!

We hope that’s made our pickup process more understandable. If you need more information, just let us know in the comments!