Standing with Ukraine: Blacklane and you

We remain deeply saddened about the heartbreak in Ukraine and we continue to condemn the unnecessary violence that is killing, wounding, and displacing so many people.

We realize how important it is to act and to try to make a difference. What we started last Thursday needs to not only continue, but accelerate. Therefore, we have:

  • Offered our colleagues from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus relocation to Berlin, Barcelona, or London. This includes spouses and children. Martial law and interrupted visa services present challenges, and we are actively monitoring the situation to support wherever we can. We are also establishing a Blacklane Social Hardship Fund to support Crew members impacted most severely.
  • Started collecting donations at We invite everyone to help refugees, families and children in need. Blacklane kicked the campaign off with a significant donation and will contribute multiple times in the coming weeks and months. Today, we’re emailing our guests and chauffeur partners to ask for their support, too.
  • Suspended relationships with all Russian-based corporations and travel agencies, including their global subsidiaries.
  • Encouraged our Crew to use their dedicated “Blacklane Cares” time off for charity work to help with Ukraine aid.

“We feel a strong moral imperative and will not just stand by. We will continue to send signals of strength and support, also hoping to inspire others to oppose this senseless act of military aggression,” said Jens Wohltorf, CEO and co-founder. 

Our thoughts continue to be with the people of Ukraine. May this war end soon.