Blacklane at Tech Open Air – How far along are we?

Tech Open Air, one of Berlin’s finest tech events, saw 150 speakers in 2 days on 8 stages. Blacklane was in the midst of things as the official travel partner and with our Director of Marketing speaking on the Innovation Stage!

When we were arriving at the Tech Open Air venue last week, using our own Berlin Blacklane chauffeur service, we were amazed: bike-sharing bicycles, car sharing vehicles, shared electric scooters, taxis and Blacklane V-Class shuttles everywhere! It seemed the ways the 200,000 TOA visitors had traveled to the venue already reflected the importance of mobility and travel this year.

Blacklane was the travel partner of TOA 2018, providing rides and shuttle services for the TOA Open Circle. This is an exclusive series of satellite events open for speakers and invited guests. We made sure that Open Circle members arrived in style and – more importantly – with peace of mind. This was ensured by premium vehicles and our first class chauffeurs. Regular attendees didn’t go away empty-handed, though! They received a 20% discount on Blacklane rides around the event.

Norbert Richard Meinike, our Director of Marketing, spoke on the Innovation Stage. During his talk, “New mobility: How far along are we?”, he invited the audience to examine all the current trends in new mobility and do a reality check. Just how advanced are we? Are flying cars just around the corner? Will we all be using autonomous vehicles in five years?

TOA has a very unique atmosphere. All of our attending staff were thrilled by the impressive number of talks, fireside chats, performances and also music acts that took place right on the banks of the river Spree.