Facebook Messenger: A new addition to our team

Concerned that email was not always the most effective customer communication, our director of customer care and operations, Adam Homfray, sought an alternative.

The challenge

Adam was looking for:

  • a channel that mobile users know and have installed
  • a tool that doesn’t require registration
  • a solution that allows multiple customer care agents to collaborate on case
  • quick implementation
  • a way for Blacklane to gradually implement, to ensure rapid response as the volume of communications grew.

The only service that seemed to meet all requirements was Facebook Messenger!

For no cost, Facebook users accessing Messenger on a mobile device could easily contact us for immediate help before, during or after rides. With so many airport pickups, passengers can access an airport’s free WiFi to contact us if they don’t have international roaming, too.

On our Facebook page, you can press two buttons to start a messenger conversation. (See right and header.)

For those not using the app, the Messenger functionality is available via an easy-to-use link. A click on http://m.me/Blacklane in your ride-related emails gets you in touch with us instantly.

Since implementing Facebook Messenger as a customer care channel, we have seen a decrease in emails and a rise in Facebook messages. We are happy to welcome Facebook Messenger as a permanent member of the team! Why not try it next time you want to get in touch?