The best Paris CDG Airport lounges to relax in

Enjoy your time passing through Charles de Gaulle at some of the best Paris CDG airport lounges on offer.

Make the most of your time at the airport. Image credit: anyaberkut/iStock
Make the most of your time at the airport. Image credit: anyaberkut/iStock

As one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe, passing through Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is often a stressful experience. Unless, of course, you stop by one of the amazing Paris CDG airport lounges, which offer plenty of room to enjoy some of the luxuries this favorite French city is known for.

These are the best lounges to explore while traveling through the City of Lights.

American Airlines Admirals Club – a spacious lounge

If you’re flying American Airlines in and out of Paris, the American Airlines Admirals Club is the perfect place to relax between flights. Located between Terminals 2A and 2C, this spacious lounge offers everything necessary to enjoy your stay, from comfy chairs to excellent dining choices. The lounge is open to both annual and lifetime members, first-class and business-class travelers on American Airlines or their partner airline, those with a Citi AAdvantage MasterCard, and Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Platinum members. Day passes can be purchased for 59 USD.

The lounge itself is modern and spacious with plenty of seating, outlets, and USB ports for charging devices and staying connected. The plane-spotting views are fantastic, with stunning runway sights through the many floor-to-ceiling windows.

For those who want a snack while waiting, there are plenty of options: diners can enjoy appetizer plates of bread and cheese, hot breakfast and lunch items, drip coffee and espresso, and a wide selection of canned soft drinks. For travelers who like to drink,, self-service liquor, wine, and beer are available. Guests also have access to a wide variety of magazines and newspapers as well as an entertainment area.

This lounge is smaller than most – capacity is 128 people – but the amenities can’t be missed.

Sit back with an espresso coffee at a Paris Airport lounge. Image credit: PPAMPicture/iStock
Sit back with an espresso coffee at a Paris Airport lounge. Image credit: PPAMPicture/iStock

Lufthansa Business lounge – small in size, big in offerings

Lufthansa is one of Europe’s most popular airlines, so it’s no surprise this brand has one of Paris’ best airport lounges. Located in Terminal 1 Satellite 6, the Salon Lufthansa at Paris CDG is open to first-class and business-class passengers on Lufthansa and other Star Alliance member airlines as well as paid members who belong to United Club or Air Canada Maple Leaf Club, as well as those with Star Alliance Gold status.

Salon Lufthansa is small in size but large in offerings. Directly inside the lounge, guests can take advantage of large plush chairs and private workstations for conducting business on the go. The back of the lounge is outfitted with high-top tables and self-service food options, including meats, cheeses, hot food items, chips and other snacks, cereal, and fresh fruit. Visitors can also take advantage of soft drinks, wine, liquor with plenty of mixers, and beer on tap. Unfortunately, this lounge does not have windows that look out onto the runways – a downside for those who like to watch planes come and go.

Star Alliance lounge – distinctly Parisien

Another option for those flying on Star Alliance member airlines, which includes United Airlines, Air Canada, and Lufthansa, is the  the Star Alliance lounge  at Paris CDG, located in Terminal 1 on Level 11. Admission is the same as the Lufthansa lounge; business-class and first-class passengers get in for free as well as those with a qualifying club membership or Star Alliance Gold status.

Distinctly Parisienin appearance, this sleek lounge features eclectic metal dividers between seating areas, artistic photographs of Paris on the walls, and lots of natural light. Chairs and couches are plush and comfortable and are within close proximity to tables, USB ports, and outlets. Those catching up on business can take advantage of free Wi-Fi as well as printer and copier access.

The lounge also offers three buffets with hot and cold meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including soups, sandwiches, bread and cheese, charcuterie, as well as snack and dessert options. Soft drinks, coffee, and tea are also available in addition to a self-service bar featuring beer, wine, liquor, and mixers to make cocktails.

Guests who would like to freshen up can also reserve a private shower space with complimentary bath products. Smoking areas are also available.

Air France lounge – where wellness is the focus

Located in Hallway L of Terminal 2E, this newly constructed Air France lounge at Paris CDG is intended to rival the very best. It is accessible to first-class and business-class passengers as well as SkyTeam Elite members, regardless of ticket class. Day passes can be purchased for around 53 USD.

The lounge itself is sleek and open with a wide array of chairs, couches, and meeting areas near the entrance. Guests can relax with a magazine or newspaper, or catch up on work using the free Wi-Fi and ample charging stations.

Meals are available at the Gourmet Table, an open kitchen where chefs serve up favorites, next to hot and cold buffets. Those who want a drink can enjoy the 1,600 square foot bar known as Le Balcon, where bartenders serve up classic and custom-made drinks. For those who want to de-stress, a 6,000 square foot wellness area is also available, including shower space, private saunas, and a complimentary 20-minute facial at the Clarins spa. Children can take advantage of a Kid’s Room with video games, puzzles, and more.

Additional Air France lounges are available throughout the airport, including in Terminals 2C, 2F, and 2G.

Treat yourself at the on-site spa. Image credit: PeopleImages/iStock
Treat yourself at the on-site spa. Image credit: PeopleImages/iStock

La Premiere – for a luxury experience

For Air France members who want an experience that goes above and beyond, the La Première lounge is in a class all of its own. Specifically for first-class guests and offering a matching first-class experience, this lounge is located in Terminal 2E, across from Gate 14.

Guests are ushered into the lounge’s sweeping entryway through red elevator doors where a gate agent stows your luggage. Guests then have the choice of two rooms: One with chairs and tables and the other with comfortable couches. An additional quiet area boasts more lounges and several beds for those who want some shut-eye between flights. For those who would rather enjoy the lounge’s ambiance, take a seat at the whiskey bar, enjoy a multi-course meal designed by famed chef Alain Ducasse, or grab delectable snacks, drinks, or desserts from the self-serve area.

The spa is one of the defining features of La Première lounge, with a complimentary 30-minute treatment for those who book in advance. Many additional treatments are available for an extra charge. Private showers can also be booked in advance with free luxury baths and beauty products.

Having access to Paris CDG airport lounges makes any trip to France more pleasant. But don’t let the luxury stop there. Whether you’re visiting Paris on business or pleasure, or returning home after a successful trip, book a Blacklane premium airport transfer for Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to get where you’re going in style. If you find yourself interested in getting out of the airport and into the city, there plenty of great ways to spend a day in Paris.