Why not work from a London hotel lobby?

We’ve researched the options to help you find a London hotel lobby that can double as a workspace on your next business trip.

London's Ace Hotel in Shoreditch offers a number of spaces to work from. Image credit: Andrew Meredith
London’s Ace Hotel at Shoreditch offers a number of spaces to work from. Image credit: Andrew Meredith

London is a city with more than 2,000 years of history and plenty to do, but if you’ll be more focused on getting work done than sightseeing on your next trip, then you might want to search for a London hotel lobby that can also function as a workspace.

Whether you’re on a business trip with a group of colleagues or traveling solo, having access to a good workspace will be crucial. In between the appointments and events that you came to London to attend, you’ll likely have research, paperwork, phone calls, and other important tasks to complete.

You also may be traveling to the city for the primary purpose of meeting with clients, and you’re looking for an appropriate venue to hold the meeting. Attempting to meet with clients in a private hotel room usually isn’t considered appropriate, and while coffee shops are sometimes a great place for a relaxed meeting, using a hotel lobby for meeting London clients or tackling big business projects is an excellent solution.

Finding the best hotel lobby for work London has available

Before you can pick from the best hotel lobby bar London has to offer, it’s wise to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Most lobbies feature a spacious common area with plenty of couches, chairs, and tables available for guests to use. Many also feature nearby meeting rooms that guests can reserve for larger meetings or situations that require more privacy.

Fast Wi-Fi is obviously a must for any modern business person seeking to get some work done. A coffee and snack bar on hand can often help cut down on the need to break from the project whenever hunger becomes an issue.

Hotel lobbies, London style: Where are the best hotel workspaces in the city?

When searching for a hotel to stay in while visiting London, often location and amenities are high on the list. But, if you plan on working during your stay, why not pick a hotel that also offers a decent workspace?

Taking care of business at Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel, Shoreditch London. Image credit Andrew Meredith.
Ace Hotel, Shoreditch London. Image credit Andrew Meredith

This is a good option for people who need a workspace that can function in a few different situations. At the Ace Hotel lobby London, you’ll find a large common area with one long table with seats on both sides, along with plenty of nearby sofas and chairs. There’s fast and free Wi-Fi, a cafe, and charging stations.

If you need a slightly more private space, head for the Hoi Polloi Restaurant near the back of the hotel. The restaurant, which is open 24 hours a day to suit the needs of international guests, has a modern atmosphere and a gourmet menu. Each table is equipped with its own charging station, which is helpful for long meetings. They accept reservations for larger parties, so if you have a big meeting planned, this could be a great place to gather everyone.

Hoxton Hotel offers excellent meeting spaces

The Hoxton Shoreditch apartments. Image credit: The Hoxton
The Hoxton Shoreditch apartments. Image credit: The Hoxton

This hotel considers their lobbies to be “all-day destinations”, suitable for the modern freelancer or business traveler to get some work done. Hoxton Hotel advertises everyone is welcome in their lobbies, so you’ll be able to utilize their workspaces even without staying at the hotel.

Hoxton Hotel’s lobby features a full bar and grill, ensuring that mid-meeting hunger will never be a problem. There are plenty of charging stations near the main windows, but they do tend to be lacking in other areas of the lobby and restaurant.

That said, the Hoxton has some of the best hotel meeting rooms London offers. Known as “The Apartment”, these meeting rooms are apartment-style spaces complete with fully stocked kitchens and other important features, such as presentation areas, televisions, printers, and of course, free Wi-Fi. Unlike many of the sterile, plain meeting rooms out there today, each of the seven spaces features its own stylish decor.

Each meeting room was designed for a different purpose. For example, “The Den” is a smaller meeting space complete with a dart board, a cork wall, and a table that can be used for table tennis. It was created for casual meetings involving a lot of brainstorming.

The “Living Room” and “Library” are two other options, both of which feature long tables designed for big presentations and board meetings.

Plenty of room at Hampton by Hilton London Waterloo

Hilton Waterloo's The Hub. Image credit Hilton
Hilton Waterloo’s The Hub. Image credit Hilton

At Hampton by Hilton London Waterloo, you’ll find a nice lobby with free Wi-Fi and meeting rooms that can be reserved for larger gatherings.

The lobby features numerous work zones and seating areas that can be used for smaller meetings or solo work. There are also bookshelves with plenty of books for guests to read, desktop computers, and printers. Seating areas can be found opposite the check-in counter along the windows that face the street, providing plenty of natural light and interesting scenery during the day.

If you make a left turn at the main entrance and continue down past the check-in counters, you’ll find even more seating areas that are a bit more private and away from the distractions that could be caused by guests checking in and out. The hotel’s breakfast and juice bar, which can also be found on that side of the building, is a good location for getting some work done in the morning.

Good customer service at Mercure London Bridge

Along with offering many extra services that can be helpful for business travelers, such as currency exchange, Mecure London Bridge has three meeting rooms you can reserve for larger gatherings.

When you first enter the hotel, you’ll go up some steps to find an open area that leads to a bar and lobby on the left and another workspace to the right. You’ll be greeted by a staff member who can help you check into the hotel if you’ll be staying overnight or simply access the workspace if you’d only like to use the lobby.

There are many features that make for a good workspace, such as private seating areas, blackboards for quick presentations, and excellent customer service. The Mercure London Bridge also offers free, ultra-fast fibre-optic Wi-Fi throughout the building.

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