Lounging around: airport lounges then and now

Perfectly coiffed men in Brooks Brothers suits and women in Dior dresses sipping Champagne and listening to some smooth jazz. We often think of the 50s and 60s as the golden age of air travel, but how have airport lounges changed over the years? Are we looking back with rose-colored glasses?

October 4, 2018


St. Petersburg – The City of Longing

Follow German TV personality Tanja Bülter on her short trip to St. Petersburg and discover why she dubs it “The City of Longing”.

September 28, 2018


7 things to do in London before your morning meeting

Rising bright and early to prepare for a morning meeting in London? The British capital offers a huge range of a.m. activities to set you up for the day. Choose the perfect pre-meeting option and guarantee a successful day in style.

September 17, 2018


The 9 best cities for modern architecture enthusiasts

If you’re interested in seeing some cutting-edge architecture that demonstrates the best of the best of contemporary design (and who isn’t), you should add these cities to your itinerary. Read on to find out why.

September 10, 2018