Travel safely: The essential packing list

Wherever you’re traveling to, a packing list with items to help keep you safe and healthy is a must.

Masks and sanitizer have become essential packing items. Image credit: Getty Images
Masks and sanitizer have become essential packing items. Image credit: Getty Images

Take a look at our list of essential vacation packing list items you’ll need to help keep the virus away on any upcoming trips, whether interstate or international. 

But, before you start packing, you have to start booking. When it comes to transportation, Blacklane’s rigorous health and cleaning standards mean all rides – be it an airport transfer or a long-distance ride – will give you peace of mind. 

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Grabbing a mask before leaving the house has become a habit for most of us, and there’s no reason this would change while you’re away on holidays.

Masks, when worn properly, can greatly reduce the chances of infection from others and are a requirement for many indoor activities.

Having a set of masks packed into your luggage means you can arrive at your destination ready to go.

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes

We all know the 20-second hand washing rule to help us steer clear of germs, but when there’s no running water closeby, a bottle of hand sanitizer comes in handy.

If you’re flying, pack some disinfectant wipes into your hand luggage to wipe down your seat and tray table before use. Model Naomi Campbell has been doing this for years.

Vaccination card holder

Now that your vaccination status is integral to most forms of travel, it’s important to keep your vaccination card safe.

If you haven’t transferred your vaccination certificate into an app by the time you travel, a vaccination card holder could be worth adding to your vacation packing list.

There’s plenty of transparent holders available online, similar to something you would use to store an ID in. 

List of emergency contacts

In the unfortunate event that you do contract COVID-19, it’s worth being prepared. Having the contact information for the local health department in the city you’re visiting is worthwhile.

They will most likely be able to provide you with next steps and recommendations on what to do.

It’s also important to note down your city’s emergency contact numbers, as well as the contact details for your travel insurance.

Chargers and travel adaptors

We spoke to tech travel expert Carley Knobloch a little while ago about what she packs in her carry-on luggage. On her list was a travel pouch to store all your cords and cables in one area. 

Finding one with a matching laptop and iPad sleeve means you can turn your practical kit into something a little more chic.

Keep your cables as tidy as the rest of your luggage with the Stow Collection. Image credit: Supplied
Keep your cables as tidy as the rest of your luggage. Image credit: Supplied

Bluetooth tracker

Bluetooth trackers have been around for a while now to help prevent travelers from losing their valuables.

The trackers connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can then be placed on any item you’d like to track – from luggage, to wallets, or even small pets.

The most established tracker on the market is Tile, which works with both iOS and Android. Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag are also available.


If you take regular medication, it could be worth packing extra in case you need to isolate yourself.

It’s also worth making sure your travel medical kit is stocked up before any trip – think pain relief medication, antihistamines, motion sickness tablets, and sunscreen.

At-home rapid test

If you start to feel unwell or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, it could be worth doing an at-home rapid test, also known as a self-test.

Rapid tests can help make your travels safer for everyone by letting you know whether you’re a risk to others or potentially infectious. These tests can often show results within 15 to 20 minutes.

Storage bags and portable mask case

What to do with your used face mask and disinfectant wipes? When there’s not an appropriate way to dispose of these items, having storage bags can help.

Storage bags can help to keep items separate from the rest of your luggage. A portable mask case can also come in handy when you need to take your mask off for a brief period. Rather than put it over your arm or on the table, you can use a case to store it temporarily.

Health and safety is Blacklane’s top priority. Vigorous safety measures, including sanitizing the vehicle after every ride and providing contactless service, are taken consistently by our chauffeurs around the world. When you book a ride with Blacklane, you can travel safely and with peace of mind.