Travel tips part 1: Peace of mind with Blacklane

Setting up roaming on your phone before leaving will save you time and money.
Setting up roaming on your devices before leaving will save you time and money.

The summer holiday season is once again upon us, and Blacklane has some tips in this three-part blog series on how to help ensure peace of mind when you travel.

  1. Crossing borders? Get an international roaming plan in advance so you can easily contact your driver if needed.
  2. Leave it in our hands. Provide your flight information so we can track your flights and automatically adjust your pickup time if you arrive late or even early.
  3. Traveling on a budget? Consider Blacklane’s Economy Class if you’re going to London, Munich, New York, Paris or Prague.

Blacklane offers something for every passenger and journey type. Anything can happen on a journey and we just want to make sure your trip is as stress-free and cost-effective as possible.