Travel tips part 2: Think ahead for a more enjoyable journey

Especially when traveling with children, there's a lot that you can do to optimize your journey
Especially when traveling with children, there’s a lot that you can plan ahead of time to optimize your journey

Welcome to part two of our three-part blog series on travel tips (see Part 1). Being prepared doesn’t just mean creating lists and following a schedule – it also means not missing opportunities! Don’t miss the opportunity of tip 6!

  1. Take your luggage into consideration. Once your car has arrived, there’s not much drivers can do if you have more luggage than trunk space. While three people can fit into a sedan, three large suitcases plus carryons cannot. Think about booking a Business Van/SUV if you have several large bags.
  2. Traveling with kids? Request child seats during the booking process, or let us know if you’re bringing your own. Be sure to include the child’s age and weight and number of child seats needed.
  3. Put a smile on your travel companion’s face! Make a fun pick-up sign your partner or kids will love. You choose the message your driver displays. Favorites include quotes from movies, super heroes or surprise destination revelations!

Travel doesn’t have to be monotonous and difficult. There’s always space for fun! What do you do to keep you and your travel companions entertained on a trip?