An outside look into Blacklane PASS

For the first time, Blacklane has welcomed a group of students into the Blacklane family. Over a three month period, they developed a preliminary brand strategy for Blacklane’s new service, PASS.

Blacklane PASS is an extension of our “Peace of mind” mission. We make travel easier by providing affordable fast-track immigration and custom services. We currently service more than 500 airports.
Over the past twelve weeks, we have had 15 students shadowing the PASS service in our offices. The group’s tutor, Professor Stegmann, Professor for Design and Interaction Design at Macromedia University, approached Blacklane. They are in their second semester of their Masters in Brand Management and were in need of a practical challenge. They were looking for a company that had a brand-related topic. This would allow them to apply what they had learnt from the past, and dive into a real-world situation. With PASS having only recently been acquired, and still in its early stages, we thought it would be a great opportunity to set them loose on it. After initial discussions, the PASS team thought this would be the ideal starting point for both parties.
Adam Homfray, Director of Blacklane PASS, “The energy that the students have put into this project is amazing. The depth of their research has shaped some of the operational and strategic decisions we have made with the PASS service. They have immersed themselves in what we are trying to do. We’re learning as much from them as they are from us”.
After a brief introduction to Blacklane and Blacklane PASS, the students set out on their own. The preliminary research included an outside view of Blacklane, an initial competitor analysis, and user research. The group impressed us with their first presentation. They successfully included brand benefits, attributes, tonalities and appearance. After only two weeks, Kyra (Product Design), Gisele (Brand), and Adam (PASS) realised that the students had immersed themselves in what we do. With very little input from us, they had captured Blacklane’s goal — providing peace of mind to the frequent traveler.
Professor Stegmann added, “To work so closely with a service-oriented brand was a great experience for our students. The frequent, constructive and often very positive feedback encouraged us to work even more intensively. The most outstanding experience was to learn that some of our findings and ideas actually made their way into first implementations.”
After the final presentations, Macromedia and Blacklane agreed on the mutual benefits of such projects. We may well do something similar again in the future. If you’re interested in doing something similar with us, reach out to
The following images are three of the drafts that the Macromedia students came up with during their time with Blacklane PASS.