Come and join the Blacklane Finance Team!

Introducing our fun-loving, ever-laughing, yet hardworking Blacklane Finance team. Read on to not only find out more about the team but also whether they might be a good fit for you!

The Blacklane finance team.

Laura, the Director of Finance, has been with Blacklane for over 5 years – almost as long as the company has existed. On average, the team of 10 has worked here for three years – for an only six-year-old company, we see that as a good sign. They are a fun, familial, and mentally stimulating team to be part of.

Whether it’s rooting out fraudsters, wading through colleagues’ travel expenses sheets, or just dealing with the day-to-day payment operations, their work never seems to take the spring out of their step. They can be heard enjoying each other’s company throughout their wing of our beautiful ex-warehouse office.

Like every other team, after settling the accounts, they too enjoy letting off steam. With differing tastes, ranging from tattoos and rock to baroque dancing, it isn’t always the easiest to find an activity that suits them all. One thing they can all agree on is that chocolate and gummy sweets are a daily must have. Another is that, surprisingly, laser tag goes down well with all of them!

This friendly bunch is currently looking for two equally friendly people to join them. Do you love working with numbers? Does crunching through profit and loss accounts sound like your idea of fun? Then we feel you could be the right person to work with our accounting team! Check our open position here. Laura and her team look forward to hearing from you.