Meet Tamara, a Team Lead in Talent Attraction at Blacklane

Welcome to our fourth installment of Meet the Crew. This month, we sat down with Tamara to find out why she decided to join Blacklane two years ago.

What made you want to join Blacklane?

My decision to join Blacklane two years ago was based on a few factors.

The first thing to note is that Blacklane is innovative and is made up of a team of passionate individuals. As a Talent Attraction and People employee, these two elements were essential to guaranteeing a successful working environment for me. 

I need to be surrounded by people willing to experiment and to be great company ambassadors – representing Blacklane’s values through words and actions.

Secondly, the product. I was immediately attracted to it. I was totally inspired by Blacklane’s philosophy of revolutionizing the mobility industry and moving it towards a more sustainable future. 

Blacklane was the first ride service to start a global carbon offset program in 2017 and is committed to becoming net-zero with all carbon emissions by 2040. Blacklane, in my opinion, is setting the foundation for the future of mobility. 

How has Blacklane helped you with your career?

In a lot of ways! I have been able to develop my leadership skills at Blacklane by leading the best recruitment team you could ever hope for, while facing incredible challenges during a pandemic.

Additionally, I went above and beyond my responsibilities as a Talent Attraction lead  – for instance, I got the opportunity to start the salary bands’ review process. Working with multiple departments within Blacklane and being able to continuously learn in my role are my favorite parts of the job! That is the biggest gift Blacklane gave me. 

How has your experience with Blacklane evolved over time?

It’s been a natural progression based on hard work, mutual trust, and respect. At Blacklane you can reach your full potential by taking an active role in your professional development, with the support of the great people leaders across the organization.

Can you tell me about a project you’ve been excited to work on?

I was able to launch a diversity referral program to guarantee Blacklane hires and supports underrepresented or historically marginalized groups.

At Blacklane, we firmly believe that diversity makes us stronger and we’re dedicated to becoming a workplace where all individuals feel welcomed, embraced, and secure.

I’m looking forward to continuing Blacklane’s journey in 2022 regarding diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

What is the one thing you like most about working with your colleagues?

Here’s two, but I’ll keep it short:

I know that projects are in the best hands, and I have complete confidence in my colleagues..

We create space for fun. There are times when work can feel overwhelming so it’s equally important to take care of each other and invest in our relationships. 

What would you like people to know about Blacklane?

Blacklane deserves a special mention on how it reacted to the COVID-19 crisis. The company managed to reinvent itself while securing everybody’s jobs. I’m incredibly proud of being part of a company where employees come first. As a result, Blacklane has emerged much stronger.

Do you have any tips for someone applying to join the team?

As leader of the Talent Acquisition Team, I could talk about this for hours. 

To be concise, we’d like to see you shine so show us your natural talent, who you are, and what you can really do! Pay close attention to our different job descriptions and don’t hesitate to reach out to the Talent team ( if you have any questions, we absolutely enjoy getting to know you and discussing current or future opportunities at Blacklane.

Currently, we’re looking for three new members to join our People & Culture team, including a Senior Talent Attraction Manager.