10 Tips on How to Relax on Holiday

Top 10 Tips on How to Relax on Holiday

The summer is upon us and we all want to take some time off to relax no matter where we are. But it’s not always that easy to switch off from work and day-to-day stress. We’ve collected some tips that we hope will help you unwind:

Blacklane’s top 10 holiday tips for switching off:

1. Tackle that day-to-day stress by allowing yourself some breaks at home to get those things done that you don’t get to do during busy work weeks. Not traveling means none of stress involved with the journey and you will have a feeling of achievement at the end of the break!

2. If you have gone away, don’t come back on the evening before work – it will only leave you tired, stressed from the journey, and like you haven’t had time to get home before starting work again.

3. Make a list of things that you need to do upon leaving home to eliminate those unsure feelings about what you might not have done when you’re trying to relax.

4. Switch on your out-of-office reply and switch off devices so that there is no chance of getting mails, texts, etc to do with work!

5. City breaks are great and being spontaneous is fun. But if you know you’re someone who wants to see everything, try to plan a bit before hand – know what you want to see, when the opening times are, where in the city things are. That way you don’t spend more time when there trying to figure out how to fit it all in rather than seeing it!

6. If you’re going to a country where you don’t speak the language, consider having a list of useful phrases handy – this not only makes your life easier, but will almost definitely score points with the locals, leading to a pleasanter, more cooperative holiday.

7. Know your holiday limit – not everyone needs a full week’s holiday – some people are ready to go home after 4 days. Know how much time you really need to unwind.

8. Having a few holiday days left so that you can take a break when you know you really need it is also a good idea – enjoy more long weekends!

9. Allow yourself some “you” time. Whether it’s just an early-morning walk before your travel companions have woken up or lying in the sun with headphones to block out the outside world – you need this time.

10. Consider booking your airport transportation ahead of time for both your departure and destination. That way, you don’t need to worry about running late or figuring out the local transportation networks, let alone getting your directions lost in translation!

What are your tips for having a relaxing holiday? What helps you unwind the most?