5 reasons to book a Blacklane to the Hamptons

The early finish on Summer Fridays isn’t going to be enough to save you from that crowded Cannonball train or stressful drive out to the Hamptons. 

A sunny day at the Hamptons.
A sunny day in the Hamptons. Getty Images

You’ve clocked out early on Friday and you’re all packed and ready to head out to the Hamptons. But, it turns out, so is everyone else.

Loading into the Cannonball with what feels like millions of other New Yorkers desperate to escape the heat isn’t exactly the best way to start your relaxing weekend.

Neither is driving yourself out there, having to sit in traffic and stay focused — knowing the car is probably going to stay on the drive all weekend because parking is a nightmare, and expensive.

That’s why more than a thousand New Yorkers are using Blacklane – a chauffeur service that offers quiet, first-class vehicles and professional drivers – to whisk them away from the heat of the city. 

Here are the top five reasons why taking a chauffeured ride to and from the Hamptons is the best way to travel this summer.

1. A good price point

When you think of hiring a traditional chauffeur, it can seem like an overly formal option when you just want a quick getaway from the city. But, Blacklane is changing the game with easy in-app bookings and trips that can be booked just up to one hour in advance. 

Settle your work for the week knowing a chauffeur will be ready for you when you want to go. With all-inclusive chauffeured rides, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or having to pay for empty seats back to the city.

2. Door-to-door service

One of the biggest annoyances for New Yorkers heading out to the Hamptons is the crowds. Wasting time in line for the train or Jitney before sitting uncomfortably close to others is not anyone’s idea of a relaxing time. 

With the Blacklane app, you can put in your pickup and drop-off location and let your chauffeur do the rest. Blacklane’s premium vehicles offer the perfect place to relax before the weekend or to get focused before your Monday morning meeting back in the city.

Blacklane chauffeur opens the door for a guest.

3. Safety is a top priority

Health and safety are and always will be a top priority for our chauffeurs. Our rigorous cleaning standards are upheld for every ride — from sanitized vehicles to limited touchpoints — to give you and our chauffeurs a safe and stress-free experience. 

4. A sustainable car service

Since 2017, all of our rides have been automatically carbon-offset and now we’re working on offsetting all of our carbon emissions back to our founding in 2011. Plus, electric vehicles are incorporated into our offerings. 

5. Local chauffeurs

While it’s a pretty straight run to the Hamptons, navigating traffic in New York can be difficult for the uninitiated. Our New York City chauffeurs are all locals who know the city like the back of their hand. Rest easy knowing you’ll arrive in the Hamptons relaxed and ready to enjoy the weekend with family and friends.