A Carbon Offset Company

In 2017, Blacklane was the first ride service to offset carbon emissions of all of our rides worldwide. We’ve now completed the next step: offsetting CO2 emissions from our entire company’s operations. This makes Blacklane’s business entirely carbon offset.

Our partner Carbon Footprint, Ltd. examined Blacklane’s full scope of carbon emissions starting January 1, 2017. This includes:

  • Electricity use in our Berlin and Singapore offices.
  • Natural gas use in Berlin.
  • Flights, train journeys and taxi trips around the world.
  • Hotel stays.
  • Water consumption, including wastewater usage.

As with rides, Blacklane offsets carbon emissions from operations by investing in a wind farm near Pune, India.

Blacklane is also a founding member of the World Alliance of Efficient Solutions, an organization dedicated to promoting environmentally and financially sustainable products and services.

As we expand to new cities with rides and offices, we will continue to invest in green business practices. Stay tuned!