The fastest and slowest airports to exit worldwide

For the first time, travelers can plan how long it takes to exit airports.

Airport terminal exit data white paper

Blacklane data has revealed that the fastest airports in the U.S. to exit are Columbus, LaGuardia, and Phoenix. Globally, both Luxembourg and Munich airports excelled.

Worldwide, travelers’ median time from a plane’s arrival until they are on their way is 23 minutes after domestic flights and 38 minutes – a 65 percent increase – after international flights.

The global chauffeur and airport concierge service compared when guests left airplane seats (flights’ arrival times) to the time guests entered their chauffeured vehicles since August to detail the first worldwide “seat-to-seat” analysis of travel time. The data comprised hundreds of thousands of flights at hundreds of airports around the world. 

The findings reveal:

  • World’s 10 fastest and slowest airports to exit for international arrivals.
  • The 10 fastest and slowest U.S. airports to exit for international and domestic arrivals.
  • Rank of the 20 busiest worldwide airports for international arrivals.
  • Differences among business travelers and larger groups.