At a glance: October 2018

As the spookiest month of year comes to a close, take a look at some of these great posts that you might have missed.

  • If skeletons and vampires don’t deliver the level of scares you’re looking for, check out our post The 13 scariest things for a business traveler for something that will really make a chill run down your spine. Because let’s be honest, bad WiFi is much scarier than someone shouting “Boo!”.
  • Istanbul is getting a brand new airport, and it could change the way you travel. How? You’ll just have to read our rundown on the project.
  • Were airport lounges more glamorous in the golden age of travel? Learn more in Lounging around: airport lounges then and now.
  • “The great thing about tech is that it will change under our feet while we’re turned the other way.” That’s from Blacklane’s Director of Engineering, Thomas, in this edition of Developer Journeys. Read his insights on developer culture and find out his story.
  • Still looking for more scares? Plan your next trip to one of The spookiest places around the world.