New chauffeur-hailing service offers safe NYC travel

Blacklane’s new chauffeur-hailing service combines safety, comfort, and convenience.

Blacklane’s new chauffeur-hailing app is a must-have for getting around New York City, with distance-based rates, carbon offset rides, and rigorous health and safety standards.

The Wall Street Journal described our service as pairing “….a traditional, luxury limousine service with the convenience of a booking app.”

Here’s a few ways chauffeur hailing can make any day or night in NYC safe and stress-free.

  • Hail a chauffeur via the Blacklane app to get to those impromptu meetings relaxed and in control.
  • Impress clients on your way to a power lunch.
  • Make your own schedule and move when you want throughout the city.
  • Make a getaway from your after-party, with just a few taps via our app.

The meeting

Have you woken up to find out about a last-minute meeting across the city? Hail a Blacklane chauffeur via our app any time of the day so you can get to your early morning meeting refreshed and in control.

All you have to do is focus on the day ahead.

The power lunch

Everyone knows some of the biggest deals and ideas between clients and colleagues are created over impressive meals in exclusive lunch nooks.

Set the tone of your power lunch by hailing a premium vehicle with a professional and reliable Blacklane chauffeur behind the wheel.

The safety and privacy offered in a Blacklane vehicle is unparalleled. 

No schedule, no worries

Don’t know what the day has in store for you? That’s fine by us. Hail a Blacklane chauffeur to get you around the city quickly and safely without having to plan ahead. 

Our professional chauffeurs will always be ready at your desired pickup spots to take you to your next destination with ease. 

The after-work drinks

Work functions can sometimes drag on. Leave the night on a high note by hailing a Blacklane chauffeur via the app to get you home when you’re ready to leave.

No more struggling to physically hail a cab after the event – simply slip into the backseat of your Blacklane chauffeured vehicle for a smooth ride home.