Some Cities You May Never Want to Leave

Blacklane launch San Jose, Honolulu, Riverside, Malaga, Valencia

This week’s launches feature two Californian landlocked cities, an American capital city on a Pacific island, and two Spanish cities along the Mediterranean. Read on to find out about our new cities of San Jose, Honolulu, Riverside, Málaga, and Valencia!

We started off the week in sunny California, in the capital and largest city of Silicon Valley – San Jose. According to a popular men’s magazine, it is the third best city in the States to find a mate. It is also a world leader in all things environmentally friendly – both in the sense of recycling and energy efficiency. If you’re an eco-friendly single, it looks like you might only need our airport transfer to pick you up… as we aren’t sure you’ll want to leave!

Our next city is one you will very possibly not want to leave for completely different reasons. Honolulu is a capital city which is arguably in one of the most exotic locations of the world, boasting over 100 beaches and comfortable temperatures all year round. It is located on the island Oahu which is part of the world’s largest mountain range and is largely unspoiled. Honolulu is also the only city in the United States to have a Royal Palace!

Another city with a very mild climate which attracts visitors all year round is Riverside. Located in California’s Inland Empire region, the city is considered to be the birthplace of the state’s citrus industry and has some very attractive surrounding countryside. Another claim to fame is that it is home to the world’s largest paper cup, which isn’t really paper but an over 3-stories high concrete Dixie Cup left over from the now-closed Dixie Corporation’s manufacturing plant!

Málaga is set on the Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean – one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Other than the fantastic beaches, tourist guides praise the climate, friendliness of the locals (Malagueños), culture, fantastic gardens, good food, sons of the city – Antonio Banderas and Pablo Picasso, wonderful countryside, beautiful buildings… the list goes on. Book with Blacklane to show you the best of what this town has to offer!

Our last city is yet another coastal location, this time on Spain’s east coast. The city of Valencia is where the famous Spanish dish, Paella, was born! This city also really knows how to prepare for and throw a good party – for the year leading up to the world-famous Las Fallas festival, the neighborhood groups fundraise for the building of giant paper-maché floats which are paraded, displayed for four days of non-stop festivities, and then burned, welcoming the spring!

Do you think you live in a city that people won’t want to leave if they visit it? Do you think that your city doesn’t get enough credit for the great things it has to offer? Let us know! We’re always interested!