Your most common customer care questions: Part 3

Welcome to the third and last installation of our most frequently asked questions. This is where you can find parts one and two.

Customer Care Blacklane map

Which cities is Blacklane in?

You can find a full list on our Cities page. Check back often — we are adding new cities regularly.

Can I take my dog or cat with me?

Yes, we love dogs and cats! Add it to the special requests and make sure to have a pet carrier.

What if I need to make some stops on the way?

If you would like to make stops on the way, we suggest you book an hourly ride, which includes up to 20 kilometers per hour.

Still have some unanswered questions? Let us know in the comments! Alternatively, check our Help page. And of course, feel free to contact our dedicated Customer Care team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact them by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter.