Now available in: Medina and Dammam!

Hot on the heels of a launch in Riyadh and Jeddah, Blacklane is pleased to announce our continued expansion in Saudi Arabia. The month of August sees the cities of Medina and Dammam added to our ever-expanding catalog. Blacklane users can look forward to the same high degree of excellence they have come to expect from their Blacklane service in other cities across the globe.


Medina is a city of great significance to the Islamic faith. As such, a large number of visitors are in town as pilgrims – visiting the renowned Al-Masjid an-Nabawi mosque as part of the Hajj. It’s also a city with surprisingly few options when it comes to public transport, and one where local taxi drivers have a reputation for a ‘flexible’ approach to fares and rates – particularly when it comes to visitors conspicuously from far-flung lands.  Booking a Blacklane service for your time in Medina means you won’t need to stress over the price of your journey – which is agreed in advance and will not change. With one less thing to worry about it means you can afford to concentrate on the more important aspects of your trip.


Dammam, nestled on the Persian Gulf and a stone’s throw from the island nation of Bahrain, has long been a major administrative center for the Saudi Arabian Oil Industry. If you’re in town for business, the air-conditioned bliss afforded to your day-to-day travel by a Blacklane service is of paramount importance. Something particularly appreciated during the sweltering summer months. Arrive at your destination refreshed and recharged by booking a Blacklane limousine service, the epitome of professionalism in a city where a good first impression can count for a lot.

Whatever your reason for traveling to Medina and Dammam – and there are plenty – we look forward to seeing you there.