The Partner Prestige Club

At Blacklane, we value consistently high quality, and we want to reward the chauffeurs that appreciate it as much as we do. You now have the chance to double your Service Excellence Bonus and earn other perks!

How do I participate?

There is no registration involved, as all Blacklane chauffeurs automatically qualify for the loyalty program. The real work — earning and maintaining your Service Excellence Score — is up to you.

Our goal is to make driving for Blacklane even more rewarding. Now the big question: How does it work?

The program has four levels, and the driving factor behind reaching each level is consistency. Earn and maintain your Service Excellence Bonus for more than three months to reach the first level, Silver. After an additional three months of maintaining your Service Excellence Bonus, you then reach the Gold level, and three more months and you reach Platinum. Three months after that, you reach Black, our highest level.

Each level increases the bonus you’re already earning by 10%, 20%, 50% or 100%.

Since the maximum Service Excellence Bonus is 10% of your monthly take-home earnings, this means that at Black status, you could earn an additional 10% from your Partner Prestige Club Bonus, for a total of 20%.

The longer you maintain your Service Excellence Bonus, the more chances you have to increase your take-home pay!

Do I earn rewards?

Yes! Here’s how each level of the Partner Prestige Club pays off:

Note: At any point along the way, if you are unsuccessful in maintaining your monthly Service Excellence Bonus, you return to the previous level and keep working your way forward.

How do I follow my performance regarding my Service Excellence Score, Service Excellence Bonus, and PPC status?

You will regularly receive a monthly update email where you will find your current bonus, as well as your Partner Prestige Club status.