Tackling the turmoil in the ground transportation industry together!

Mobility in Transition conference

In September, Blacklane will be hosting a conference to bring together the major players of the ground transportation industry in Germany for a good chat about our future together.

The clash of old and new

The ground transportation industry has increasingly been popping up in the press. Taxi companies have become upset with new app-based companies, even organizing Europe-wide strikes in June. Antiquated rules have posed a threat to new ideas and app-based transportation has been banned and then re-allowed to carry out business in some cities. Even the Vice-President of the European Commission, Neelie Kroess, had some very insightful words to say about the strikes as well as the attempts to ban taxi app services and the future of ground transportation in Europe and the world.

Due to this turmoil within the industry, and the constant tug-of-war between the new and the old, Blacklane wants to provide an opportunity where opposing teams can be brought into one room and discussions can be had face to face. We hope that creases can be ironed out and that solutions can be found to better coexist.

A time to talk

The Mobilität im Wandel: Fortschritt oder Stillstand? (Mobility in Transition) conference will take place on 17 September 2014. Anyone closely connected to this industry is more than welcome to submit an application for a ticket. More information about the event, including the key-note speakers and panel, can be found on http://mobilityintransition.com/. We look forward to seeing you there!

Comment below and tell us what you think the outcome to this situation will be! Is it possible for taxis and app-based companies to carry out business peacefully alongside each other in the future?