Ladies that UX Berlin at Blacklane

Blacklane’s Product Design team hosted a meetup for the Berlin chapter of Ladies that UX.

Before the easter break, around 40 members of Ladies that UX visited Blacklane HQ to enjoy an evening of fresh pizza, cool drinks and great talks.

We listened to the vibrant Andrea Ramirez Sabat present on the topic of Product vs Marketing. She discussed how to use a ‘holistic value chain’ to create seamless brand experiences.

She made us think about how we can work collaboratively across teams to create outstanding and sustainable product outcomes. Instead of viewing the relationship between Product and Marketing as “Product vs Marketing”, we should approach it from the view of creating great experiences. We should then end up with a common goal of creating great UX.

To start, we need to build trust in each other’s abilities to tackle problems, and always seek to align. Then we need to open up communication channels and be conscious of how we communicate.

If we treat the brand experience as a shared responsibility, we will be able to better support the work of  UX.

At Blacklane we value diversity and want to foster and encourage learning, sharing and community. If that’s what you’re into, then come join us – we’re hiring! Check out Blacklane’s latest job offerings here.

Ladies that UX Berlin

With many mid-senior level positions in User Experience (UX) held by men, British UXers Lizzie Dyson and Georgie Bottomley sought to create a community that promotes and supports women’s opinions, experiences and issues whilst also giving them the tools to continue on their professional journeys.

Lizzie and Georgie hosted the first ever meetup in 2013 in Manchester UK. Since then the community has grown significantly with many international chapters meeting every month to chat, discover, learn and be inspired by their peers working in UX or with an invested interest in the field.

UX tends to be at the heart of the meetups, however a range of areas are often addressed including; product management, visual design, marketing, customer research, and being a woman in the world of business and tech.

Are you interested in attending a Ladies that UX meetup? They have many chapters across the globe, find your nearest chapter here.

– Ellen Leather, UX Researcher