10 travel goals everyone should have for 2018

Here are some simple, achievable ways to take all your trips to the next level this year.

  1. Explore your own backyard

Your first instinct when planning a trip is probably to go as far as possible, but there’s a lot to be discovered closer to home. While you’re anticipating that next exotic getaway, satiate your travel bug by going on weekend trips to the nearest big cities. Imagine you’re a tourist from another country visiting your area. You’ll be surprised by how many amazing things there are to see within a short drive or train ride. The best part about these little trips is that you don’t have to sit on a flight for hours on end, take time off of work, or deplete your travel fund to experience new things.

  1. Ask the locals

It’s still integral to do research before you travel, but don’t let the guidebook dictate your entire trip. A local’s perspective could direct you to a great hidden treasure, or just let you know which major landmarks are truly worth the hype. We work with local drivers who know their cities like the back of their hands, so what better place to start? Looking for some tips before your trip? Take a look at some of our Driver of the Month posts for some advice from some of our best drivers around the world.

  1. Find your perfect travel buddy (even if it turns out to be yourself)

If you’re used to travelling with others, try out a solo trip or vice versa. Are you happier travelling alone and making friends along the way, or going on a voyage alongside your loved ones? There’s only one way to find out what the right approach for you is, and when you do, you’ll be able to make it a priority. Just remember to book a Business Van/SUV if the whole crew is coming.

  1. Factor in time to relax

You want to get the most out of your trip, that’s a given. An unfortunate and unintended side effect can be that you run yourself ragged trying to do as much as possible. It’s important to remember that this is your vacation, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your peace of mind. When it starts feeling too much like work, don’t feel guilty about taking a breather. It won’t matter if you tick one more thing off your list if you’re too burnt out to even enjoy it.

  1. Sign up for rewards programs to get the most out of the in-between

Capitalize on the time you spend in the air and on the road by earning miles to put toward your next trip. Most rewards programs are free to join, so there’s no reason not to join one. 

  1. Go somewhere that’s not on your must-visit list

Everyone’s got that list of dream destinations in the back of their mind. While this list is essential to achieving your travel goals, it could be keeping you from stepping outside your comfort zone. This year, consider challenging yourself by going somewhere that has never been on your travel radar. Every city has something to offer. It’ll dispel your assumptions about the place, and might make you reevaluate how you pick your destinations.

  1. Find a way to say thank you

Do something to give back to the communities you’re visiting. Whether you volunteer for a day,  donate to a worthy cause, or just make an effort to travel more sustainably, there’s no wrong way to express your appreciation for the places that so graciously host you. Our way of giving back is our carbon offset program, which offsets every single Blacklane ride by investing in a wind-power project in India.

  1. Try a new way of documenting your trip

Travelling is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, so why not take advantage? Switch up the way you capture your journey. Instead of taking photos, sketch. Write. Choreograph an interpretive dance. It’ll make you appreciate the sights more, and make the trip as a whole a lot more memorable. If you still can’t resist the allure of taking pictures, get a disposable camera with one roll of film. Limiting the number of photos you can take will make you a more critical photographer, and save you from spending an hour sifting through hundreds of photos just to find that one great shot.

  1. Travel light

We all pack with the best intentions of travelling light, but how often does that actually work out? This year, take the time to hone your packing skills down to one essential carry-on. It’ll make flying much less stressful, and make spontaneous trips more attainable. Of course, taking just cabin luggage won’t work for longer journeys, but having an established list of must-haves will still make packing easier for lengthy treks. 

  1. Make some local delicacies yourself

Sampling local cuisine is a must no matter where you go, but if you learn how to make it, you can eat your favorite exotic treats anytime. By all means, try a recipe out on your own, but if you have the chance, take a cooking class. You’ll likely get better results, as well as a chance to learn more about why the dish became a cultural mainstay.

What are your travel goals, and how can we help you achieve them? Let us know on social media.