3 hidden-gem destinations for your wish list

Have you spent the last few years wistfully daydreaming of places to visit? Wondering where to go to spread your wings and explore the world? Well, Blacklane is on hand to help fill your head with ideas.

A temple in Tây Hồ, a district of Hanoi. Image credit: Anh Hoang/Unsplash

While some of these destinations may not be the first that come to mind when pondering the ideal getaway, each city has the qualities and character to enrich the lives of its visitors forever. Whether a sprawling South American megalopolis or a storied northern European capital, here are a few underrated travel suggestions for your next travels that might not have immediately jumped to mind.

Buenos Aires – La París de Sudamérica

Playa Varese a beach in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Image credit: Fermin Rodriguez Penelas/Unsplash

Much like the fabled French capital, residents of Buenos Aires regard themselves as porteño/as (of the port) first, and Argentines second. This enormous city, one of a few true megalopolises in the world, is defined by its unique and fiercely protected identity. As you can imagine, this has resulted in a city with many distinctive characteristics. 

You could spend a lifetime in Buenos Aires and miss out on enough experiences to fill several more, but Blacklane is happy to help get you around and provide some insight into the city’s offerings that are unmissable during your stay, as well as safely delivering you to your destination after you’ve arrived. 

La Bombonera, known officially as the Alberto Jose Armando Stadium, is an incredible encounter for the senses. In a country obsessed with football (soccer), you don’t need to be a fan of the game, or even sport in general, to take part in one of the most singularly unique human experiences on the planet. The stadium literally rocks back and forth as tens of thousands of delirious Boca Juniors fans will sing songs and support their players onwards to victory. 

Sat at the opposite end of the cultural table is the Teatro Colon. It took twenty years to build this incredible architectural specimen, and it is considered by insiders as having the single best acoustics of any opera house on the planet. If you’re visiting the Argentine capital, you cannot miss this experience. It will likely stay with you for the rest of your life in a way that would be almost impossible to replicate.

Hanoi – A flavorful experience

A colorful Hanoi street market. Image credit: Patrick McGregor/Unsplash

The city of Hanoi may not be the first that jumps to mind if you’re planning on visiting Asia. In fact, it may not be an automatic choice if you’re visiting Vietnam, but the vibrant and colorful capital has transformed into one of the most interesting cities to visit in the entire region. A blend of colonial architecture, modern buildings and ancient religious temples, Hanoi is also home to some of the finest cuisine in the world.

The Bach Ma Temple in the old quarter of Hanoi is the oldest in the city, although it was necessary for a number of repairs to be performed on it in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. It is one of the four original Guarding Temples of the city, arranged to provide the people of Hanoi with a defensive boundary in the 9th century. The historical importance of the temple cannot be understated, it represents the very birth of Hanoi as the king Ly Thai To relocated the country’s capital to the current site of the city. 

Hanoi is known as something of a Mecca for foodies, the home of a cuisine that has won admirers across the world. The famous Banh Mi sandwich was born in the city, and a trip to Hanoi would be redundant without sampling it in all its authentic glory. 

Helsinki – The home of weird

The Helsinki Cathedral at sunset. Image credit: Tapio Haaja/Unsplash

The Finnish capital as a holiday destination may raise an eyebrow or two, but if you time your trip away from the extreme winters, you’ll find a city with an incredible amount to offer its visitors. 

For fans of modernist architecture, the Temppeliaukio Church is unmissable. Carved directly into solid rock, it is bathed in a natural light that lends an incredible earthy presence to the cavernous room. So fantastic are the acoustics in the building that it is frequently used as a venue for music concerts 

Stepping a bit outside of the city will enable you to take in some of the stunning natural landscape of Finland, and gives you the opportunity to visit the charming villages of Porvoo and Fiskars. Ideal as a day trip, either on your own or with others, the villages are renowned for their iconic and beautiful architecture and are easily reachable with a Blacklane car service in Helsinki. Fiskers is home to more than 200 artists, who have helped to create and design a home that looks like something from a Lewis Carroll novel. 

Wherever you end up on your next travels, be sure to book your chauffeured airport transfers, city to city rides, and more with Blacklane. You don’t want to waste your valuable time in these cities deliberating on your daily transport. We’ll deliver the same high standards of professionalism in every corner of the world, so you can concentrate on the more important matters at hand.