6 travel apps for a stress-free trip

The apps you’ll need to navigate your next trip like a pro.

Upgrade your trip with these travel apps. Image credit: Jenny Ueberberg/Unsplash
Upgrade your trip with these travel apps. Image credit: Jenny Ueberberg/Unsplash

Ever wondered how frequent travelers always seem so calm and collected as they navigate a new airport or city?

A lot of it comes down to what apps they have on their phone to help make their trip as smooth as possible.

Take a look at the apps that can help you create a stress-free trip.



Blacklane’s handy app is the perfect way to plan out how you’re going to get around any city – from airport transfers to by-the-hour rides.

With just a few easy steps, you can have a professional, local chauffeur at your location when you’d like, for as long as you’d like.

There are no hidden costs, all prices are fixed, and every premium ride is 100 percent carbon offset. What more could you want?

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Facing a lengthy layover means searching out a quiet place to get some rest between flights.

LoungeBuddy lets you know which lounges on your trip you have access to, based on your airline status and current memberships.

If you don’t have a lounge membership, you can book access to a specific lounge, either instantly or up to two months in advance. 


Since Blacklane chauffeurs track their guest’s flights to make sure they’re always ready and waiting, they know their flight tracking apps.

When they track any delays to adjust their pickup times for their guests, Flightradar24 is their top pick. The app gives you live air traffic from around the world, directly to your phone.


Who said chartering your own private jet had to be hard? With global jet marketplace Victor, you can book your private jet in just four easy steps.

The app accesses more than 7,000 aircraft across 40,000 airports worldwide, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to your trip.

All flights are also carbon offset by 200 percent at minimum, but you can offset to a higher level if you choose. Each quarter you get a statement with your carbon credit balance plus initiatives the credits have supported. 


Do you have an international flight coming up and already dreading the jetlag? Timeshifter offers a way to reduce the impacts of circadian disruption with its personalized jetlag plan. 

The app prompts you to take small actions at specific times to help you adjust to your new timezone. You can even start to adjust before your departure.

According to the app’s website, astronauts and elite athletes use the app to reduce the effects of jetlag. 

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Looking for a way to store all your travel plans – including hotel bookings and flights – in one place? Tripit is your answer.

Forward your confirmation emails to the app to get an instant schedule – including airport plans, navigation options, and COVID-19 travel advice for your destination.

The app also helps you track your flight’s carbon emissions and shows offset options.