A guide to London Fashion Week 2022

Here’s how Blacklane chauffeurs can be your ticket to a stress-free London Fashion Week 2022.

Women walking outside the Barbican Centre. Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash
London’s street style is unique. Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash

London Fashion Week 2022 will be as much about the runway collections as it will be about what everyone’s wearing before, during, and after the shows. The streets of London will become their own fashion show, and the best way to see it will be from the comfort and safety of a premium vehicle. 

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When is London Fashion Week 2022?

London Fashion Week 2022 will run from the 18th to the 22nd of February. The show will incorporate a “hybrid schedule”, so expect a combination of physical and digital shows.

Where is London Fashion Week 2022 being held?

The main event location will be The Store Studios, 180 the Strand in the heart of London. Being in the city center can mean headaches. Amped up traffic during fashion week can make parking difficult. By booking your rides with Blacklane in London, you can skip the stress and get dropped off right outside the venue.  

In-person events will be held by a long list of brands and designers, including 16Arlington, Feng Chen Wang, Kaushik Velendra, ROBYN LYNCH, and Yuzefi.

There will also be a swath of digital-only events from brands such as ACCIDENTAL CUTTING, Karoline Vitto, and Jens Laugesen. The full designer lineup can be found here.

Open-to-the-public events

While the main event is invite-only, there’s a range of open-to-the-public events dotted across the city worth looking into over the five-day event.

There will also be digital content accessible via the Official Digital Hub, where you will also be able to shop collections from London Fashion Week designers