A guide to Atlanta International Airport (ATL) lounges

Comfortable Atlanta Airport (ATL) lounges are available across all the airport’s concourses, giving you the opportunity to recharge and get some work done — or just unwind — when you have a layover.

Delta Sky Club in Concourse F at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Image credit: Delta
Delta Sky Club in Concourse F at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Image credit: Delta

Given Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a major hub with a number of layovers, It’s likely you may find yourself in need of an Atlanta Airport lounge to relax.

Delta Sky Clubs

Because Atlanta International is a hub for Delta, which is headquartered here, it’s not surprising that you’ll find Delta Sky Clubs in every concourse. In fact, some concourses feature more than one Delta Sky Club. Having access to an Atlanta airport Delta Sky Club lounge can be the simplest way to add a touch of comfort to your journey.

Enjoy the benefits of a Delta Sky Club lounge. Image credit: Delta
Delta Sky Club in Concourse F at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Image credit: Delta

If you’re a Delta Sky Club member (or the guest of a member) or if you hold an American Express Platinum card, you have automatic access to all of the lounges on days when you’re ticketed for Delta flights. Delta Reserve credit card holders also have access when they’re ticketed, and can access the clubs for a small fee on other days, as can Gold and Platinum Delta Sky Miles credit card holders. Virgin Australia business-class passengers may also use Sky Clubs.

All the Atlanta Airport Delta Sky Club lounges feature food and drink, including premium spirits at the bar. Wi-Fi and charging stations are also available at each Sky Club.

Concourse A

Delta operates two Sky Clubs in Concourse A. The Sky Club near Gate 16 is the larger of the two, with lots of seating, two ample food bars, and a sense of serenity. The Sky Club near Gate 1 features private workstations and has plenty of seating, but feels in need of a renovation. However, this Sky Club has conference rooms available that you can book in advance when your business meeting can’t wait.

Concourse B

Domestic travelers flock to the Sky Club lounge in Concourse B partly because of its high ceiling and terrific views bring an air of spaciousness to the place. The food in this lounge is quite good and two large coffee areas make it easy to grab that needed caffeine. The bar area also features multiple TVs so you can get catch up on the news or the game.

Concourse C

While this Sky Club lounge is smaller than most of the others, the seating is arranged to provide semi-private areas and quiet spaces, which makes it a good choice if you want to get some work done.

Concourse D

Delta also has two Sky Clubs in Concourse D. By far the most popular is the one near Gate 27, which has a very large bar and several private seating areas. The Sky Club near Gate 11, on the other hand, is usually quite crowded and has a rather small bar.

Concourse E

At Concourse E, you can take a shower before your flight, then spread out to relax or work. The dining experience is excellent, and the bar is large and friendly.

Concourse F

One of the major draws at the Concourse F Sky Club is the outside observation deck. With plenty of comfortable seating and shade, this is a relaxing place to enjoy a cold beer (weather permitting, of course).

The Sky Deck at the Delta Sky Club – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Concourse F. Image credit: Delta
The Sky Deck at the Delta Sky Club at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Concourse F. Image credit: Delta

Concourse F also enjoys some of the best food at any of the Sky Clubs, a good bar, and spacious seating choices. Very nice shower facilities are also available to help you freshen up before or after your flight.

Concourse T

This cozy airport lounge has very comfortable seating and tends not to be crowded — perhaps because passengers in the know have headed next door to Concourse F’s more lavish food offerings. Conference rooms with full tech capabilities are available in this Sky Club for a small fee.

The Club at ATL

Also in Concourse F is The Club, which is open to Priority Pass and American Express Platinum members. Anyone willing to pay the entrance fee can also enjoy this lounge, if space is available. However, the lounge often maxes out at crowded times, moving to a wait-list system.

One of the main draws at this lounge is the bar. In addition, showers are available. Food offerings tend to be of the snacking variety, with no hot food available.

American Airlines Admirals Club Atlanta

This airport lounge located in Concourse T offers a respite to members of the Admirals Club and those willing to pay at the door. However, it’s rather small given the size of the airport and, as a result, often gets crowded. Drinks are free, as are snacks, but you’ll have to pay for hot food and actual meals.

United Club

Also in Concourse T is The United Club, intended for use by those flying United Airlines. Members of the United Club have automatic access, while others can buy a day pass to take advantage of the lounge’s amenities. Although no hard liquor is served here, this airport lounge features premium wines, so wine lovers are likely to be happy. This smaller lounge is clean and well-maintained, with comfortable seating and nice views. The food selection is limited to cold snacks.

USO Lounge

If you’re an active member of the U.S. military, your family can await your arrival free of charge in the USO Lounge, which is located on the third floor of the airport atrium. Amenities include free snacks and drinks (look for Taco Tuesday), a computer room where you can get some work done or surf the web, and a dedicated play area for the kids. Gaming consoles are also available, as well as free Wi-Fi and charging stations.

Atlanta airport lounges can help you get your journey off on the right foot or give you a place to rest and relax during long layovers. When the connections you need to make take you into the heart of Atlanta, Blacklane’s car service gets you there in style. Book a trustworthy Blacklane car service for Atlanta International Airport (ATL) to help you complete your journey in blissful comfort.