A Guide to the Admirals Clubs at LAX (2024)

Experience the serenity of Admirals Club at LAX and bypass the airport commotion during your next trip.

Escape the hustle and bustle at LAX at one of these Admirals Club lounges. Image credit: LeoPatrizi/iStock
Escape the hustle and bustle at LAX at one of these Admirals Club lounges. Image credit: LeoPatrizi/iStock

Los Angeles International Airport, commonly referred to as LAX, is known for its size and scale, accommodating tens of thousands of travelers a day. However, this doesn’t make for a terribly comfortable experience – unless you know where to find the best lounges.

For passengers traveling on American Airlines, with not enough time to stay in a nearby LAX hotel, there’s no better place to unwind between flights than at an Admirals Club at LAX. With three locations across the terminals serviced by American Airlines flights, passengers can enjoy a high-end experience while waiting for a departing flight or enduring a layover at LAX.

General Overview of Admirals Clubs at LAX

Access to Admirals Club Lounges

To access American Airlines Admirals Club Lounges, you have several options:

  • Admirals Club Members: This category covers annual and lifetime Admirals Club members, primary cardmembers of the Citi/AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard, ConciergeKey members, and AirPass members with Admirals Club privileges.
  • Qualifying First and Business Passengers: If you’re flying in First or Business on a qualifying departing or arriving international, transcontinental, or other domestic flight marketed and operated by American, a oneworld airline, or marketed by JetBlue and operated by American, you qualify for access.
  • Qualifying AAdvantage Elite Members: AAdvantage Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum Pro, and AAdvantage Platinum members are eligible for access on qualifying departing or arriving international flights marketed and operated by American, a oneworld airline, or marketed by JetBlue and operated by American, regardless of cabin class.
  • Non-AAdvantage oneworld Emerald and Sapphire Members: If you’re a non-AAdvantage oneworld Emerald or Sapphire member, you can access the Admirals Club Lounges on all departing or arriving flights marketed and operated by American or a oneworld airline, regardless of cabin.
  • Admirals Club One-Day Pass: You can purchase a day pass for $79 or 7,900 AAdvantage miles at select locations. This pass includes access for you and up to three children (under age 18). You can buy a pass through your AAdvantage account or as a guest.
  • Citi/AAdvantage Executive Card: Holders of the Citi/AAdvantage Executive Card are eligible for Admirals Club access.
  • Military Personnel: U.S. military personnel traveling in uniform on a same-day flight operated by American are granted access to Admirals Club Lounges.

Locations of Admirals Clubs at LAX

There are three Admirals Club locations at LAX:

  • Terminal 4
  • Terminal 5
  • American Eagle Regional Terminal

Admirals Club – Terminal 4

The Terminal 4 location of the AA Admirals Club at LAX is the largest and most luxurious of the three destinations, boasting more space and amenities.

Immediately inside the lounge, passengers can find a coffee bar and to the left a wide selection of seating areas, including comfy armchairs and tables with chairs for families and friends to congregate. This area is full of outlets and USB ports to keep devices charged. The free Wi-Fi connection can be used throughout the lounge.

Nearby is the cold buffet, which provides plenty of breakfast options like pastries, bagels, cereals, yogurt, and fresh fruit. A few specials, including avocado toast in the morning and fresh-made guacamole from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., are fan favorites. Lunch and dinner options are more similar to appetizers, with hummus, pasta salad, fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and crackers, and soup options. A variety of snacks are also available, like chips and snack mixes.

For those who want a fuller meal, the lounge also offers a paid menu. Guests can help themselves to espresso, soft drinks, tea, and juice. A full bar with a bartender is located in close proximity with complimentary beer, wine, and house spirits. From the bar, guests can see the tarmac, providing excellent views of takeoffs and landings.

For large groups, a conference room that seats eight is also available for advance reservation. This lounge also offers private showers that can be reserved upon arrival for those who would like to freshen up between flights.

The ever-popular yet maligned avocado toast can be had at the Admirals Club lounge at LAX. Image credit: nerudol/iStock
The ever-popular avocado toast can be had at the Admirals Club lounge at LAX. Image credit: nerudol/iStock

Admirals Club – Terminal 5

The Terminal 5 location is a smaller version of the Terminal 4 lounge, but still provides plenty of room to relax while waiting for an upcoming flight.

Renovations at the Terminal 5 lounge were completed in 2017, creating a lovely space with upgraded options. Guests can sit in the large circular rotunda room with semi-private chairs or in the adjacent lounge with comfy armchairs. Outlets are everywhere, providing plenty of opportunities to charge your devices while you unwind.

The buffet-style dining area is located further in the lounge, offering visitors a cold buffet similar to the options in the Terminal 4 location, with pastries, bagels, and cereal for breakfast and appetizer and snack options throughout the rest of the day. The dining area contains a staffed bar with complimentary wine, house spirits, and beer as well as premium beverages for a surcharge. Guests can also help themselves to espresso, self-serve soda, tea, juice, and water.

Guests who want to clean up can do that here as well. Private bathroom and shower spaces are available to reserve.

Enjoy views to the tarmac from one of the Admirals Clubs at LAX. Image credit: kokouu/iStock
Enjoy views to the tarmac from one of the Admirals Clubs at LAX. Image credit: kokouu/iStock

Admirals Club – American Eagle Terminal

The smallest and least visited of the Admirals Club locations at LAX, this largely unknown lounge is a special treat for those flying out from the remote American Eagle Terminal. With a capacity of just 42, this petite lounge may be small in size but it’s large in opportunity.

Guests to this Admirals Club lounge can enjoy most of the same opportunities as in the larger spaces, including comfy chairs, televisions, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary food and beverages.

The buffet spread is slightly smaller but still offers plenty of favorites and, like other Admirals Clubs, the bar is staffed by a knowledgeable bartender to mix up all of your favorites. Outlets and USB ports are numerous to keep you charged for the next leg of your trip. Unfortunately, this lounge space does not offer showers.

FAQs About Admirals Clubs at LAX

What Are the Operating Hours of the Admiral’s Clubs at LAX?

Terminal 4: Daily from 4:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Terminal 5: Daily from 4:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.

American Eagle Regional Terminal: Daily from 6:15 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Are there complimentary food and drinks at the Admirals Clubs at LAX?

Yes, there’s complimentary food and drinks available in all three locations of the Admirals Clubs at LAX. This includes a variety of non-alcoholic options like coffee, tea, iced tea, and soft drinks. You’ll also find a premium menu with local flavors, along with standard favorites such as soups, snack mixes, crudité, dip, and whole fruit.

Are there complimentary alcoholic drinks at the Admirals Clubs at LAX?

Yes, all three locations offer a full-service bar with a variety of complimentary alcoholic drinks, including house beer and wine, local craft beer, sparkling wine, spirits, and cocktails. This selection also includes options like a locally inspired Bloody Mary and signature cocktail.

Are there shower facilities available at the Admirals Club locations at LAX?

Yes, shower facilities are available at the Admirals Club locations in Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 at LAX.

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