An insider’s guide to coworking spaces in Bangkok

With the rise of digital nomadism and the business world generally getting smaller, coworking spaces in Bangkok over the past decade have been popping up all over the city.

There are a number of airy, modern coworking spaces to work from in Bangkok. Image credit: theCOMMONS
There are a number of airy, modern coworking spaces to work from in Bangkok. Image credit: theCOMMONS

Thailand is a hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers, with Bangkok right at the center of the 9-5 revolution. While the first official communal office opened in San Francisco in 2005, it wasn’t until 2012 when Bangkok coworking space HUBBA opened, which lays claim to bringing the trend to the bustling city.

For decades, people from all over the world have been traveling to Thailand for its rich and varied culture, delicious food, and buzzing capital city but in the last few years, it has become well-known as a remote working hub with a vibrant startup community. 

A city in flux

If you know the city well, then you’ll know there are many coworking spaces in Bangkok, making it impossible to cover them all, with new ones opening seemingly every week. From the trendy neighborhoods of Ari and Thonglor to the central areas of Siam Square and Silom, there’s a myriad of places for you to get your laptop out and get some work done. 

The most famous coworking spaces such as WeWork and Spaces both have locations in Bangkok and offer freelancers and remote workers industrial-chic surroundings and the opportunity to network. But as coworking becomes more popular and people continue to redefine how they work, other areas are popping up such as cafes, creative spaces, and even hotel lobbies. 

There are options for small businesses wanting to rent office spaces, for self-employed people looking to rent a desk in a vibrant environment or places to pop into for the Wi-Fi and to catch up on your emails. Keeping a consistent routine is one of the keys to success as a remote worker, so when you find yourself in Bangkok, set some boundaries for yourself and get your work done. 

Best in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant city to visit and work from. Image credit: Nikada/iStock
Bangkok is a vibrant city to visit and work from. Image credit: Nikada/iStock

Open House at Central Embassy – stylish book shop with plenty of food options

Voted “The Most Beautiful Bookstore in the World” in 2018 by the Asian Bookstore Forum, Open House is an architectural wonder and one of the best places in the city for remote working. The breathtaking space is home to a number of cafes and restaurants as well as a large bookstore with plenty of communal seating areas. 

When you arrive, you can log straight on to the Wi-Fi (no password necessary) and have free and fast access for up to 12 hours. Because of the open-plan layout, you won’t feel obliged to purchase constant coffees and you’re likely to get chatting to other digital nomads. If you want to take a lunch break, the restaurants in Open House offer everything from traditional Italian to modern Thai cuisine. 

WeWork at various locations – the original and still the best

WeWork has transformed the way people work, becoming the world’s fastest-growing coworking company, with 485 locations in 105 cities across the world. WeWork arrived in Bangkok in June this year and with four locations in the city, digital nomads and budding entrepreneurs are spoilt for choice. 

The first location opened in Sathorn, just minutes from Chong Nonsi station. The space is perfectly placed for those who like to play as hard as they work, as the office is surrounded by cocktail bars and restaurants. The other two are located in Thonglor and at the True Digital Park near Punnawithi BTS Station, which is the Bangkok Transit System that provides high-speed trains across the city. All WeWork locations in Bangkok offer stylish 24-hour accessible areas as well as private offices and meeting rooms. 

It’s not just remote workers who are drawn to WeWork though, as WeWork Labs, which are in the same locations, offer an exclusive platform for education, mentorship, and connections. A tempting prospect for new business owners. 

Regus at various locations – corporate office spaces

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces, with customers all over the world, including some of the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals, and multi-billion dollar corporations like Uber, Adobe and Google. Because of these impressive credentials, Regus is the most corporate choice on the list, attracting high-earning individuals and financial start-ups. With 18 locations around Bangkok, you’re never far from an office. 

Most Regus locations are very close to a BTS station, but you can make your commute to Regus even easier and book a private Blacklane chauffeur service in Bangkok to take you directly to your office. Most locations will require you to sign up for one-month minimum, so this is a good long-term solution. However, they also offer trial days and business passes that allow you to work there for a shorter period. 

Hello Strangers Cafe – a cafe for creatives

If your idea of a coworking space is a trendy cafe full of MacBook-wielding creatives, then you’ll love Hello Strangers Cafe in Thonglor. The contemporary, industrial interiors include plenty of power outlets for charging your devices and comfy chairs for whiling away the working day. The cafe offers a selection of hot and cold drinks and serve coffee from beans roasted by Ristr8to in Chiang Mai. Don’t come hungry though, as they don’t serve food. 

theCOMMONS – trendy shopping mall and workspace

theCOMMONS in the fashionable district of Thonglor is technically a shopping mall, but it’s a far cry from the glitzy storefronts of Siam Square. In their own words; “we’re a gathering ground for passionate, quality producers who take pride in what they do and do it with utmost care”. 

Street view of theCOMMONS. Image credit: theCOMMONS
Street view of theCOMMONS. Image credit: theCOMMONS

With the aim of becoming “Thonglor’s backyard”, theCOMMONS is a place where you can spend quality time in the neighborhood while being close to nature and greenery. The communal seating area at the center of the complex is one of the most unique coworking spaces in Bangkok, with a theatre-like arrangement. Get out your laptop here in the slightly cooler winter months and enjoy some alfresco work. The Wi-Fi is fast and free. 

Starbucks at Central World – needs no introduction

OK, so putting Starbucks on a list of coworking spaces might seem a bit obvious, but this is no ordinary Starbucks. Situated in CentralWorld shopping center in Siam, this is the second-largest Starbucks in the world and is spread across two floors. If you’re in-between meetings and need a quiet place to catch up on emails where you know you’re guaranteed a table, then this is perfect. The Wi-Fi is reliable, you just need to purchase a drink to get a unique access code. 

Too Fast To Sleep – a 24-hour cafe

One of the perks of working remotely is managing your own schedule and if you work better at 2 a.m., then Too Fast To Sleep is the perfect place. This 24-hour cafe and creative space just off Silom Road is filled most evenings with creative people working to deadline and students cramming for exams. The Scandi-inspired space is full of comfortable chairs and stools, all with their own power outlets. So grab a coffee and burn the midnight oil. 

The Company – a full-service coworking space

The Company Bangkok is located on the 23rd floor of GMM Grammy Place in Asok, one of the busiest business districts in the city with glass and steel office buildings everywhere you look. This prime location includes a gym, a convenience store, and a variety of restaurants within the building. With a spacious common area for meeting like-minded workers, as well as phone booths, relax areas and private rooms, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to working at The Company. 

One of the hardest things about working remotely or for yourself is the admin side of things. The Company can take care of all of the paperwork for you,  with specialists such as lawyers, certified public accountants, licensed tax accountants, social insurance, labor consultants, and judicial scriveners available for consultations. The Company is also ideal for photographers and videographers because it features a fully-equipped photo studio. 

HUBBA – Thailand’s first coworking space

Hubba claims to be the first coworking space in Bangkok, opening in 2012 to much fanfare. The company filled a gap in the market at a time when demand was steadily increasing and have since expanded to four locations: HUBBA Ekkamai, Discovery HUBBA, HUBBA-TO, and HUBBA Silom. 

What separates HUBBA from the other places on this list is its events calendar and support system for new businesses. The company regularly hosts workshops, talks, and masterclasses for budding business people and acts as an incubator for startups. With all this business acumen, you might think HUBBA feels a bit intimidating, but it’s a laid-back and relaxed place to work.

The Wi-Fi is excellent, there’s always a kitchen, and each location has its own charm. Services include high-speed Wi-Fi and LAN internet connection, meeting rooms, post box rental services, complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks, 24-hour CCTV, pantry, a canteen, and shower rooms, which come in very handy in the oppressive Bangkok heat. There are a number of different passes available, ranging from a day-pass for a communal desk to an annual membership with a private office.

The Work Loft – for the night owls

Not all coworking spaces in Bangkok are open for 24 hours, but The Work Loft Silom is, so night owls rejoice. Here you’ll get access to high-speed internet, breakout spaces and meeting areas, plus snacks and all the free tea and coffee you can drink. The small office spaces are a much better work environment than the hot desks, which can get noisy and aren’t too much more expensive. There is also a large meeting room on the 6th floor you can book and a rooftop bar for socializing with other remote workers. Keeping active while you travel and work is integral to a healthy lifestyle and The Work Loft has scheduled yoga and meditation classes for its members. Namaste. 

Enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows while you work. Image credit: The Work Loft
Enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows while you work. Image credit: The Work Loft

The Great Room – the feel of a 5-star hotel

If you’re tired of the predictable industrial interiors of most coworking spaces in Bangkok, then you’ll love working in The Great Room. Spread across two floors in the Gaysorn Tower in Chit Lom, this coworking space has the feeling of a five-star hotel, not a hipster hangout. The Singapore-based company specializes in plush interiors and offers both private workspaces and dedicated offices. The clientele here tends to be international and high-flying.

Further afield

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the cultural hub of the country and a vibrant place to live and work. But there are other places in the country where remote working is just as viable. Chiang Mai in the north is often described as the world capital of remote working with hundreds of coworking spaces and creative hubs. In recent years, Koh Samui in the south has also emerged to have a burgeoning digital nomad scene. But the capital is still the best place to forge a freelance career. Nowhere offers the same cosmopolitan vibe, exciting lifestyle and support for startups and remote workers as Bangkok.


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