Fitness routines to keep you motivated

There’s a range of content and material that can help you stay in shape at home.

You can still get a great workout in without having to go to the gym. Image credit: vorDa/iStock
You can still get a great workout in without having to go to the gym. Image credit: vorDa/iStock

With gyms almost universally closed, you may feel worried that your fitness and health is starting to lag. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best content from across the globe on keeping fit and healthy during lockdown. You don’t need an extensive home gym with all the bells and whistles to take part — remember, a young Mike Tyson managed to win the heavyweight championship of the world with a conditioning routine of just bodyweight exercises and roadwork.

While you may not emerge from the global quarantine as one of the world’s elite boxing champions, there is no reason you can’t improve your physical well-being and stay as fit as you possibly can.

Intense Pilates with Blogilates

American fitness instructor Cassey Ho (also known as Blogilates) isn’t new to the fitness streaming game. Ho has been streaming her Pop Pilates and “Bootcamp Sculpting Workouts” from her home in Los Angeles for years. With videos that are concise and accessible, she quickly built up a large following.

Of interest to those who live in apartment buildings is her very considerate Silent Death Cardio video (it’s not as lethal as it sounds). Nobody wants to be a troublesome or noisy neighbor, and thanks to Ho you can give your body a thorough workout without constantly jumping up and down on your neighbor’s ceiling. High intensity is the name of the game, so don’t think that Ho’s charming manner implies a merciful workout routine. This is a routine you can take outside once quarantine measures ease – you just need access to a nice park and a comfortable yoga mat. 

Fitness for beginners with Body Project

Getting fit means something different to different people, and if you’re someone looking to get active after a long spell on the sidelines, the fitness instructors at Body Project might be just up your street. Their holistic attitude to beginner’s fitness combines elements of HIIT training, yoga, pilates, and resistance training to offer low-impact exercise for everyone. 

This thirty-minute exercise is the perfect example of a fat-burning routine that is achievable for people in a variety of conditions. There are no crazy gymnastic moves, you aren’t being asked to bend in places you can’t, and there’s not a pirouette in sight. Instead, the emphasis is placed on continual movement and a consistent tempo. Don’t be put off if it doesn’t click straight away – this could be the very first target you set yourself. One of the Body Project team, fitness instructor Joe Wicks, also does a kids workout every weekday – perfect for burning up some boundless energy.

Functional Yoga with Down Dog

Stretch out your body with a yoga practice. Image credit: Jasmina007/iStock
Stretch out your body with a yoga practice. Image credit: Jasmina007/iStock

Perhaps the most popular yoga app currently available, Down Dog is an ideal choice whether you’re a day one novice or a certified Yogi. The app allows you to configure your workout to suit your preferences and routine, meaning you don’t need to stress about the occasional missed day and falling behind. It allows you to choose from more than 60,000 different combinations of moves, meaning you can build a practice that benefits you specifically in the best possible way.

Down Dog allows you to choose your own intensity, pace, and type of practice. All you need to take part is yourself and, preferably, a clear sight to a mirror, to ensure you are able to replicate what you see as you learn it. When restrictions are lightened, try and join a yoga group with your new skills – making it easier to get tips from more experienced group members.

A range of options with Les Mills

The famous New Zealand athlete-turned-politician Les Mills and his son are currently offering a thirty day free trial of their services during lockdown. Well known by anyone who has stepped foot in a gym, the Les Mills brand became renowned initially for their Body Pump classes. Since then, they have created a platform which offers over 800 different workouts from 13 different programs.

Whether you’re hoping to try your hand at some boxing fundamentals, strength and conditioning, or cardio, there will be something for you. With classes ranging in time from 15 minutes to an hour, you’ll be able to find something suitable for your daily routine, meaning you can set yourself reasonable and attainable goals from the get go.

Exercising outside with Runkeeper

Running is a great way to get outdoors when the restrictions ease. Image credit: Tempura/iStock
Running is a great way to get outdoors when the restrictions ease. Image credit: Tempura/iStock

As lockdown procedures start to soften, you may want to consider running. Exercising as a group is still largely unadvisable, but most countries have made allowances for their population’s to exercise outside on their own. Running remains one of the best and easiest ways to increase your cardiovascular fitness in a way that is largely impossible in the confines of a room. 

Apps such as Runkeeper mean you can keep track of your progress on a day-to-day basis, giving you targets and allowing you to monitor your progress to a scientific degree. The app can link directly to your Spotify account, meaning you can soundtrack your runs with ease, and track your progress. The tracking function also means you can connect and share with other uses of the app – perfect for some good-natured rivalry with friends and family. The app also isn’t shy about reminding you of an imminent session, just in case it innocently slips your mind.

Keep your mind and body sharp during quarantine and you can ensure that you emerge from lockdown fully rested and with your batteries charged – leaving you ready to tackle the world when normality resumes.