Finding the perfect space to work remote in NYC

There’s been a monumental shift in where we work since COVID-19, with many seeking out hourly, daily, or monthly workspaces as an alternative to going back to the office.

The lobby bar at Freehold Brooklyn. Image: Courtesy of FREEHOLD Hospitality
The lobby bar at Freehold Brooklyn. Image: Courtesy of FREEHOLD Hospitality

It’s been more than a year of remote work for many in the U.S., with the pandemic putting a halt to commutes to the office and face-to-face interactions with colleagues.

With the shift from office to remote work likely to be a permanent fixture for many in New York City (office spaces for lease in Midtown and Lower Manhattan business districts was at an all-time high of 16.4 percent in March), employees are searching for places to work from that suit their changing needs. 

For those who live in New York City and need a break from the restraints of home office as well as those who’re traveling to the city for work, we’ve curated a list of places where you can work in peace and quiet.

Freehold Brooklyn – Lobby bar vibes with plenty of space

The back patio at Freehold Brooklyn. Image: Courtesy of FREEHOLD Hospitality
The back patio at Freehold Brooklyn. Image: Courtesy of FREEHOLD Hospitality

While Freehold Brooklyn is well-known as a late-night destination, during the day it offers up 8,600 square feet of prime working space. Work from the coffee shop, the light-filled lobby bar, or tuck into a corner of the extensive outdoor area. 

The venue has its own invite-only, complimentary membership program for creatives and tech professionals for those who are interested in making this a regular haunt. 

Blacklane – Work without distractions from the back seat

Work without distractions from the backseat of a Blacklane vehicle.

If you’ve got back-to-back meetings across the city, why not hail a Blacklane chauffeur throughout the day to get you around safely.

You can get to those emails or hold an impromptu meeting with a client, all from the back seat of a premium vehicle driven by a professional and discreet chauffeur whose top priority is your safety.

Maybe you’re just looking to get across town and want to avoid the packed subway? Blacklane’s new on-demand service, where you can download the Blacklane app and hail a chauffeur within minutes, offers the perfect solution to make a quick getaway from the noisy streets of NYC.

Breather – Rent an office space to seal the deal

If you’re looking for an office space to hold a meeting or want to get some productive work done away from shared spaces, Breather could be an option for you. With office spaces across the city for rent, you can filter by location, size, timeframe, price, and amenities to find a spot that suits your needs.

Each location comes with a keypad for you to have exclusive access to the space, with a unique access code provided on booking.

Kindred – Work outdoors with a table booked by the day

The outdoor area at Kindred. Image credit: Kindred
The outdoor area at Kindred. Image credit: Kindred

East Village restaurant Kindred has once again kicked off it’s Work From Kindred concept after taking a winter break. You can book a table for the day between Wednesday and Friday each week. The tables are available between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m, and you can come and go as you like.

Take advantage of the Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee, and charging outlets and if you feel like it, stay for happy hour or dinner to round out your productive day.

Spring Place – Membership-only spaces for the creatives

Another one for the creatives is Spring Place, which offers shared and private spaces at its Club in the heart of TriBeCa. 

A community membership will give you access to the Club, which includes meeting rooms, social spaces, a bar and lounge, a rooftop terrace and rotating monthly events. Each room is tastefully designed, creating the perfect environment for creativity. 

11 Howard – For the overnight stays

If you’re staying in New York City overnight and would like to combine your accommodation with your workspace, book 11 Howard’s Terrace Suite in the heart of SoHo.

The 3,000 square-foot space includes a king bedroom, master and guest bathroom, dining area, and a rooftop terrace.

Host a meeting or hold an event on the rooftop terrace for up to 50 guests, all against the backdrop of New York City’s glittering skyline.