Keeping up your fitness routine during business travel

We got in touch with German TV presenter and actress Annabelle Mandeng to find out how she keeps up her fitness routine when away on business. According to her, it’s easy with a bit of preparation!

If you travel frequently it can be a challenge keeping up with your daily routine, especially when it comes to your workout. Looking into your destination before setting off can help you decide what to pack to make sure you have what you need to get your day off to a good start!


Annabelle recommends always taking your running gear: “I always take my running gear along. The first thing to ask about in a hotel is whether there is a gym to work out in. Most of the time that’s not a problem but there are still some hotels that don’t have a gym, or it’s so small that working out there is no fun.“

Being prepared to go for a run keeps you flexible. Before you set off on your trip, you can easily find out what the hotel facilities are. If there is no fitness area to speak of, check on a map whether there is a park or running course nearby. Not only will it help you keep up your morning routine, you will also get the added bonus of getting to know the city from a more personal perspective. A bit of fresh air and “you time” go a long way before a day of sitting in conference rooms attending meetings all day!

Traveling workout tools

What happens if both gym and inviting running tracks are unavailable? What if it’s simply too cold or rainy? Annabelle suggests having the following workout tools in your suitcase: “You can always try to work out in your hotel room. For this, a resistance tube is a great tool. You don’t need much space and there are plenty of exercises you can use it for. You can also take it out on a terrace and attach it to a fence or a bench for even more options.”

Not only is a resistance tube perfect for a full-body workout, it’s also tiny and light and therefore perfect to take along on a journey. The same goes for a light yoga mat. With it, you can stretch or do your push up routine inside and outside your hotel room.

Another favorite of Annabelle’s is a skipping rope. “It trains your coordination skills and is an exhausting cardio workout. Your room needs to be big enough, though. Again, go outside to a park if possible and take your tools along. I also use the furniture to train my arms for example or I simply do push-ups and sit-ups.“

Alternative training possibilities

Of course, provided you have packed some fitness clothing, you can also check out the local gyms and pools. Once again, the opportunity to get to know a city on a more personal level is something many travelers enjoy. Most gyms will allow single visits without membership. You could also join a gym in your hometown which has branches around the world so that you can access them in many cities at no extra cost. Get onto the internet to look up yoga classes or sunrise and sunset workouts to really get a memorable experience.

After sitting on a plane and in your Blacklane airport transfer, with the prospect of sitting in meetings for the entire trip, the idea of fitting in a workout is a welcome one. Your body will thank you and your mind will be clearer and better prepared for the task ahead. Consider our tips when you are planning your next journey. We would love you to share your tips with us on social media, too!