Hamburg – Germany’s “Pearl of the North”

We asked German TV personality Tanja Bülter to let us know what places she would recommend in Hamburg. You can tell this is a city she loves. We hope you soon get the chance to explore it, too!

You don’t have to like fish sandwiches to love Hamburg. But it helps! They are available at every corner and are great for a snack on the go. Hamburg is a water city – the Alster, the harbor and the many small canals define the cityscape. But the “Pearl of the North” is also noble, stylish and very sophisticated. When you find yourself in the city on business, you can find somewhere charming to spend any downtime you may have!


The city has many good hotels, but my favorites are right in the middle of the St. Georg district: The George and Le Meridien (5-star with an excellent spa area). The area has shaken off its less-favorable reputation and now boasts wonderful boutiques and bars sprouting out of the cobblestone. Just around the corner is the Alster. This is Hamburg’s tributary of the Elbe River and has a great jogging route of about 7 km if you still want to get your morning run in when traveling.

Head to the Schanzenhöfe if you’re looking for a young, relaxed atmosphere. I can highly recommend a visit to the Altes Mädchen brewery, located on an old factory premises. Here, you can buy almost every beer in the world. Of course, they also produce their own beer! Right next door you’ll find the Elbgold coffee roasting house, which is currently so hip that you have to wait in line for a cup of coffee and cake. But it’s worth it!

Elphi and Speicherstadt

Were the €800 million spent on the Elbphilharmonie worth it? Why don’t you decide for yourself with a quick visit? Architecturally the “Elphi” is a real masterpiece; the concert acoustics are sensational. If you don’t have the time to take in a show, you can enjoy the plaza viewing platform there for free. From here, you will have a wonderful view of the Hamburg’s skyline, the busy harbor and the Speicherstadt, in which the Elphi is located. This area is a real piece of cultural heritage – the world’s largest warehouse complex and a listed historical site since 1991. Amongst the warehouses and modern residential buildings, you will find museums, restaurants and even a submarine.


But the real beauty of Hamburg lies in the water. If you have a day to fill, you should definitely go to the Övelgönne museum harbour. From the small lighthouse there, you can watch the large ships coming in and out of the city. This is also where Hamburg’s beach begins – naturally a much sought-after spot in summer! But even when the Elbe river is almost frozen I get a real sense of warmth here – it is a real place of longing. Typically Hamburg!

Do you have any favorite spots in Hamburg which you would recommend in between meetings? Let us know on social media!