More than myth: Best hotels in Greece

For centuries, Greece has been a go-to destination for travelers who crave sunshine, historical attractions, and nature-inspired beauty. Some of the best hotels in Greece are situated on its islands, promising to help visitors make the most of their vacation.

Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the many Greek islands. Image credit:RobertBreitpaul/iStock

The mythical homeland of Odysseus, legendary hero of Homeric lore, Greece has produced a number of famous figures over the centuries, including Alexander the Great, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Spartan King Leonidas. If the country’s vast history with its tales of Helen of Troy, Jason and the Argonauts, and the Minotaur don’t lure you, perhaps the country’s famed retsina wine and sun-drenched beaches will call you to its shores.

Home to well-known cuisine and pageantry of historical, cultural, and natural attractions, Greece will enchant you with its fabled islands—and the best hotels in Greece will see to your pleasant stay.

Best hotels in Crete

As one of the most legendary regions of Greece, Crete attracts travelers from all over the world and hosts some of the best hotels in Greece. Crete is Greece’s largest island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. It was the center of the ancient Minoan Civilization and is popularly visited because of its many archaeological sites. Some of the most renowned sites of Crete include the Palace of Knossos, Samaria Gorge, the town of Chania, or the beaches and coves of Elafonissi.

The old port of Chania. Image credit: Aleh Varanishcha/iStock
The old port of Chania. Image credit: Aleh Varanishcha/iStock

Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa — The best views in Crete

With its white walls, Blue Palace has the quintessential look of a luxury hotel in Greece. It’s in beautiful Elounda on the northern coast of Crete where many of the island’s best hotels and resorts can be found. Blue Palace features arresting views of the sea as well as the island of Spinalonga. Many of the rooms have private infinity pools as well as tech-friendly amenities like wi-fi. The resort features a spa and shuttle to the town’s many tavernas and restaurants. With its romantic ambiance, it’s no wonder so many honeymooners choose to stay here.

Stella Palace Resort & Spa — A haven for outdoor enthusiasts

Stella Palace Resort & Spa is located in Analipsis, just to the west of Heraklion. There’s something for every taste at this majestic beach resort, which features two dazzling outdoor swimming pools and one indoor pool, multiple bars and restaurants, a fitness center and sauna, a world-class spa, and multi-type suites designed to accommodate singles, couples, and families.

Guests of the resort can make the most of the surroundings by lounging on the resort’s private beach, parasailing, horseback riding, water skiing, and scuba diving. As one of the best hotels in Greece, Stella Palace won’t disappoint you with its gorgeous views and outstanding hospitality.

Best hotels in Corfu

Located in the Ionian Sea to the west of the mainland, the island of Corfu is famous for its history, lush forests, stunning beaches, and multicultural charm. Throughout its history, the island was heavily influenced by outside groups such as the Venetians, English, and French.

Secluded Paradise Beach in northwestern Corfu. Image credit: s1murg/iStock
Secluded Paradise Beach in northwestern Corfu. Image credit: s1murg/iStock

Corfu Palace — Upscale accommodations with Mediterranean views

With its postcard-worthy beach views and convenient downtown location, Corfu Palace attracts many visitors from all over the world. This luxury hotel boasts comfortable spacious rooms, a full-service spa, a saltwater pool, seasonal entertainment, and a casino.

Corfu Palace features several bars and restaurants that specialize in Greek, Mediterranean, and French fare. For those traveling with little ones, the hotel has family-friendly amenities like a babysitting service. It’s also conveniently located near major Corfu attractions, such as the Achilleion. No wonder why so many call think of this establishment as one of the best hotels in Greece.

Grecotel Corfu Imperial — five-star decadence on a private island peninsula

Grecotel Corfu Imperial enjoys a five-star rating due to its luxury amenities, which include a full-service spa, exclusive bungalows, upscale lounges and restaurants, amazing coastal views, and lavish seaside Italian gardens. The palatial hotel is situated on a private Corfu peninsula that’s dotted with cypress and olive groves. Guests can enjoy exploring the resorts private coves, beaches, and nearby towns that brim with galleries and shops.

Best hotels in Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, largely thanks to its rich history. Part of the Dodecanese cluster of islands in the Southeastern Aegean Sea, Rhodes is integral to Greek history and culture. It was famously the site of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Although the Colossus no longer survives, the island boasts numerous archaeological ruins and celebrated attractions like Mandraki Harbor, Monolithos Castle, Tsambika Beach, and the medieval town of Rhodes.

St Paul's Bay in Rhodes. Image credit: Starcevic/iStock
St Paul’s Bay in Rhodes. Image credit: Starcevic/iStock

Melenos Lindos — Medieval ambience with all the modern amenities

A stay at the luxurious Melenos Lindos will acquaint you with the island’s Byzantine, Ottoman, and Arabic influences. The decor is lavish, opulent, and designed to inspire. Intricate tile work, painted ceilings, old-world lanterns, and fragrant gardens complement this sanctuary’s flawless hospitality.

Its fortress-like appearance perched on a rocky stretch of coastline above the Aegean is a marker of its romantic ambience. The hotel features an award-winning rooftop restaurant, cocktail bar, luxury suites, and even small group cooking courses.

Amathos Elite Suites — A Grecian oasis on the ancient Aegean.

A five-star boutique hotel, Amathos Elite Suites is celebrated for its chic appearance and holistic spa, which features treatments like thalassotherapy and algae wraps. The seaside hotel features lush gardens that enhance its tranquil atmosphere. It’s the perfect couple’s retreat with its sleek designer rooms, outdoor swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub. Its on-site restaurant and bar offer staggering views of the Aegean.

Best hotels in Zakynthos

The island of Zakynthos is located in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of the Peloponnese. A popular scuba destination, the island features idyllic waters with terrific visibility and various underwater caves to explore.

While famous for its enchanting beaches, the island is also studded with olive groves and verdant woodlands. When designing your travel itinerary, be sure to include celebrated Zakynthos attractions like its Byzantine Museum, Zakynthos Town, Blue Caves, and the Zakynthos National Marine Park. The island is also home to some of the best hotels in Greece.

Navagio Bay in Zakynthos. Image credit: eugenesergeev/iStock
Navagio Bay in Zakynthos. Image credit: eugenesergeev/iStock

Mabely Grand Hotel — Contemporary setting designed with comfort in mind

Located a few miles from Shipwreck Beach in the village of Kampi, the Mabely Grand Hotel is a lesson in stately decadence. This illustrious hotel features a pillar lobby with a grand piano and overstuffed chairs for lounging. While its seafront location affords dazzling views of the Ionian Sea, some rooms offer stunning views of the mountains and hotel gardens. Guests of the hotel will find many amenities like hotel shops, restaurants with mouthwatering fresh seafood, lounges, public and private swimming pools, and a wellness and fitness center.

Sentido Louis Plagos Beach — A luxury hotel with a mission to pamper

The picturesque setting of the Sentido Louis Plagos Beach lures many repeat visitors. This luxury island hotel is surrounded by stone-constructed paths and lush wooded landscapes, and its beach location is ideal for those who enjoy swimming, boating, and water skiing. Popular attractions of the hotel are its seaside swimming pool, contemporary dining, relaxing suites and rooms, and family-friendly amenities. Spa treatments are also available.

Best hotels in Lefkada

Famous for its rocky cliffs, crystal waters, and waterfalls, the island of Lefkada also boasts some of the best beaches of the Mediterranean. This island is located in the Ionian Sea but connects to the mainland by a floating causeway, which makes it a popular destination for world travelers as well as vacationing Greeks. To get the most out of your Lefkada travel experience, you’ll want to explore sites and attractions such as The Waterfalls of Nydri, Sea Lakes, the Cape Ducato Lighthouse, and the Archaeological Museum. There are also many traditional fishing villages to visit where you can soak up the culture and enjoy the local cuisine.

Ionian Blue Hotel — A waterfront luxury hotel

Ionian Blue Hotel is located on the island’s eastern coast. This luxury resort features a world-class spa and sea-side swimming pool, as well as two restaurants, both of which offer spectacular views of the sea. The beach at the resort is remarkable for its rich blue waters and golden sand. Guests of the hotel enjoy myriad of activities, including water skiing, surfing, swimming, and paragliding.

Sun yourself poolside at Ionian Blue Hotel. Image credit: Ionian Blue Hotel
Sun yourself poolside at Ionian Blue Hotel. Image credit: Ionian Blue Hotel

San Nicolas Resort Hotel — Dip into clear, blue waters

Tucked into the left-hand-side of Mikros Gialos Bay on the southern part of Lefkada, San Nicolas Resort Hotel is the perfect choice for those looking to be surrounded by nature. There are a number of hiking routes available from the hotel grounds for the more adventurous, or simply take a dip in the crystal clear waters at the base of the hotel.

If you’d like to explore nearby islands, why not rent a boat at the hotel and create your own adventure. Be sure to stop in at the villages of Vathi and Spartochori, where you can enjoy ouzo and fresh seafood, or pull up anywhere along the way and take a dip in the deep, warm waters.

In the evening, sit back on the hotel’s wooden deck overlooking the Bay and watch the sunset as you enjoy local cuisine from the on-site restaurant

Best hotels in Thassos

The Aegean island of Thassos has long been known for its lush forests, olive oil, and marble quarries. Once colonized by the seafaring Phoenicians of the ancient world, Thassos has a long and remarkable history that traces back to Paleolithic times. As a result, the island is strewn with historic attractions, which marks a distinctive contrast to its breathtaking natural attractions.

When exploring the island, remember to see sites like the Old Port, the Ancient Theater, the Ancient Acropolis, Monastery of Archangel Michael, the Ancient Tower, and the Cave of Pan.

Thassos Grand Resort — Modern hotel in secluded seaside setting

Thassos Grand Resort is a five-star luxury hotel considered one of the best hotels in Greece. Located on a secluded Aegean bay, the resort feels like a world away. It boasts views of Mount Athos as well as the glittering sea. Its rooms and villas are designed with relaxing sea tones and many include balconies with enchanting views of the Aegean.

While the beach attracts many guests, there’s also a heated outdoor pool, for those who prefer. To enhance your opulent vacation getaway, book a rejuvenating treatment at the resort’s Asteria Spa. Guests also have several dining options available on site.

Thassos Grand Resort. Image credit: Thassos Grand Resort
Thassos Grand Resort. Image credit: Thassos Grand Resort

Louloudis Hotel Boutique— Luxurious amenities in an enchanting setting

Louloudis Hotel Boutique is a modern boutique hotel situated in an olive grove and features an outdoor pool, beach bar, and relaxing spa. The hotel has various-sized rooms and suites designed to accommodate couples or families. Rooms are airy, bright, and contain soft bedding. The beach at the hotel is easily one of its most noteworthy attractions, owing to its beauty and comfortable outdoor furnishings.

Best hotels in Naxos

Naxos, one of the Cyclades Islands, is located in the South Aegean Sea where it is said, according to lore, that young Zeus spent his early years. Figuring largely in many tales of Greek Mythology, the island remains a storied place with its captivating sites and attractions such as the Portara Monument, the Temple of Demeter, Chora Castle, the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, and the beach of Agios Prokopios. Take a look at these stunning destinations in Naxos which easily feature as some of the best hotels in Greece.

Nissaki Beach Hotel — Luxury coastal hotel adorned with white marble

The Nissaki Beach Hotel is striking from the moment guests come into view of its entrance. The hotel’s stark white walls create a dramatic contrast to the rich blue of the sea beside it.

The hotel is on the edge of Naxos Town—close enough for fun sightseeing excursions, but also blissfully serene on its stretch of the coast. The hotel is covered with beautiful Naxian marble and is richly furnished with comfort in mind. Guests can easily relax in the hotel’s airy ambience. Popular amenities include its swimming pool, terrace taverna, and namesake Nissaki Restaurant where diners can indulge in fresh seafood and Mediterranean fare.

Naxian Collection — Greek Island Luxury

Naxian Collection encompasses a luxury hotel and suites that offer views of the surrounding sea, rock formations, and verdant landscapes.

The hotel features upscale amenities, including a private wine cellar, private and semi-private swimming pools, and authentic Mediterranean fare, which includes local herbs and produce. Convenient hotel services include babysitting, helicopter transfer, gym and trainer, and even guided excursions. Guests of the hotel frequently enjoy popular activities such as sailing and yachting, windsurfing, hiking, and even cooking lessons.

If you are planning a trip to Greece to explore some of its beloved island destinations, be sure to consider a stay at these renowned resorts, clearly among the best hotels in Greece. Whether you’re after opulent luxury or airy comfort, you’re likely to find it when you book any of these magnificent hotels.