The best hotels with a private pool

Lying poolside can be a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy a holiday, but sharing the space with others can make the experience a little less enjoyable. When you book into a hotel with a private pool, you can make use of your own personal oasis while on vacation.

The Place aerial view from. Image credit: The Place
The Place aerial view in Thailand. Image credit: The Place, Thailand

From the south of France to the shores of the Caribbean, there’s something to be said for sunning on the pool deck while on vacation. However, public or semi-private pools can be problematic, adding rambunctious children or loud families to what should be your time to get away and enjoy a little R&R on your own.

A resort with a private pool solves this problem, giving you a destination all to your own on your next trip. These are the world’s best hotels with private pools, guaranteeing you the perfect way to kick back on your upcoming holiday.

Excellence Playa Mujeres – Enjoy rooftop pools in Cancun

Cancun is known for its luxurious hotels, but nowhere provides a private pool experience like Excellence Playa Mujeres. This stunning adults-only resort has everything necessary to enjoy Mexico’s beautiful weather in the lap of luxury, offering countless ways to relax in a private environment restricted to resort visitors only.

At Excellence Playa Mujeres, guests have unparalleled beachfront access, seven public pools, four of which are heated in the winter months, a 3,500 square foot fitness center, 17,000 square feet of event facilities, and access to saunas, steam rooms, and hydrotherapy pools.

Staying here is an all-inclusive experience, which means there’s no need to leave the resort grounds. The hotel boasts 11 international dining destinations and 10 bar and lounge spaces – plenty for a stay spanning a week or more. Guests can enjoy Mexican food at Agave, Spanish tapas at Barcelona, or French favorites at Chez Isabelle.

While not all rooms come with private pools, the Rooftop Terrace and Terrace Suite rooms do – and the impact is amazing. These personal plunge pools provide a completely exclusive way to enjoy the sunshine, sans other guests. Visitors are invited to soak in the water after a long day of activities, enjoy a cocktail with family members, friends, or partners, or simply float in the sun.

The Place – A cozy getaway spot in Thailand

Thailand has made a name for itself as a premier vacation destination, with guests from around the world coming to take advantage of its culture, dining delicacies, and stunning sights. For those who want an intimate place to stay when visiting the country, The Place is unrivaled in both beauty and experience.

Enjoy your own private pool with beautiful views. Image credit: The Place
Enjoy your own private pool with beautiful views. Image credit: The Place

Located in Koh Tao in the Surat Thani Province, these luxury boutique villas offer an escape from real life. Each of the nine private villas are spacious and secluded; each guest gets their own individual apartment-style residence with a deck, a stocked kitchenette, media boxes with movie access, and private plunge pools. Located immediately outside each villa, these small private pools offer an unprecedented way to soak up the sun without interruption.

While The Place doesn’t offer any kind of on-site dining – a detraction for those who wish to stay primarily on the hotel grounds – picnic baskets with breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available. Guests are also offered the use of mobile phones to arrange transportation to nearby restaurants and tourist attractions. In spite of this, most guests largely stay on-site, choosing to forgo the local town in favor of a romantic and relaxing getaway without the pressures caused by throngs of other tourists.

Horned Dorset Primavera – See the best of Puerto Rico

Horned Dorset Primavera is located on the rolling hills along the coast of the Caribbean Sea just two miles from Rincon and is known for its service, its stunning views, and its spacious villas. Some of the best beaches in the world are just steps away from this romantic escape.

Look out to your outdoor pool from the second level. Image credit: The Horned Dorset
Look out to your outdoor pool from the second level. Image credit: The Horned Dorset

As an all-suite hotel, guests are guaranteed a private and personal experience. Each room is decorated in a Moroccan style, adding a unique cultural flair to any vacation. Each suite comes with two bathrooms, a bedroom, a living room, and a terrace, as well as the coup de grace: a private splash pool.

In addition to a private experience in your very own villa, guests staying at the Horned Dorset Primavera have access to an award-winning on-site restaurant. Breakfast is available from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and dinner is served from at 7 p.m.. Private dining options are also available for those who would like a more intimate experience.

Tadrai Island Resort – Experience Fiji’s most beautiful views

Fiji is a popular vacation destination for a reason, boasting beautiful beaches, gorgeous clear water, and upscale resorts. If you’d like to combine private amenities with the sunny skies of this South Pacific island nation, there’s no better place to enjoy the warm weather than the Tadrai Island Resort.

Located on Mana Island, this adults-only resort is dedicated to offering peace and quiet to guests from around the world. For those who wish to enjoy the outdoors, plenty of opportunities are available. The resort is set directly on the shores of Selena Cove, boasting easy access to sun and sand on one of the four accessible private beaches. All activities can be completely customized, with options including island excursions, snorkeling, and fishing. Meals can be enjoyed at Na Vatu Rock Pool Restaurant as well as in your villa or in the form of a beach picnic. An on-site spa can enhance your trip, offering massages and other pampering either in the spa or in your villa.

Those who prefer a private getaway will find a lot to love about Tadrai Island Resort as well. Each stunning villa is modern in design with spacious beds, outdoor showers, a personal minibar, and private plunge pools attached to the elevated decks. Whether you’d prefer to sip a cocktail at the large infinity pool or enjoy a midnight swim in your villa, this five-star hotel offers something for everyone.

Amatara Resort – Take in the splendor of Phuket

Thailand is a popular vacation destination due to its cultural traditions, lovely landscapes, and affordable prices. If you’d like to experience the splendor of this Southeast Asian gem without the hustle and bustle of the city standing in your way, Amatara Resort is the perfect spot for your next trip.

Located outside of Phuket on the southern shores of the country, this collection of villas overlooks the beautiful Panwa Cape and offers world-class amenities.

Take in ocean views from your private pool in the Ocean View Pool Villa. Image credit: Amatara Wellness Resort
Take in ocean views from your private pool in the Ocean View Pool Villa. Image credit: Amatara Wellness Resort

Considered a luxury wellness resort, this hotel with a private pool provides the perfect balance between solitude and serenity. Boasting 22 pavilions, 48 suites, and 35 pool villas, this one-of-a-kind spot makes it easy to relax and unwind. The available wellness packages are designed to revitalize and restore balance to your life, with opportunities including detox therapies, massages, and active treatments with an emphasis on exercise. Several dining options are available, including the Grill on the first floor, the Retreat by the outdoor pool, and the classic Thai Restaurant.

For those who want to keep relaxing, even after time in the spa has come to an end, the private pool suites at Amatara Resort provide a wonderful way to unwind. With personal swim-up pools located directly outside each room, you’ll love the opportunity to enjoy drinks on the patio or a soak in your private hotel plunge pool.

Aqua Wellness Resort – Enjoy a rustic stay in Nicaragua

For those in love with the idea of a rustic Central American getaway, there’s no better place than the Aqua Wellness Resort in Tola, Nicaragua. This gorgeous destination overlooks the Pacific Ocean in a lush forest atmosphere, providing a secluded spot to relax and recharge.

This hotel is unique for several reasons, but its biggest drawcard is the treehouse villas. An upscale twist on the traditional treehouse, these suites provide a picturesque experience to guests while minimizing the hotel’s impact on the environment. From a perch in the trees, guests can enjoy unparalleled views of the surrounding ocean and the sprawling forests.

This peaceful natural setting is an ideal place to participate in wellness activities, like massages and spa treatments, as well as more active alternatives like kayaking, swimming, and fishing.

The rooms within each villa are rustic in nature, creating a comfortable and cozy place to help you feel at home. With suites starting around the size of a studio apartment and sleeping six to eight in the largest options, the available villas provide a modern experience with air-conditioning, in-room cell phones, Wi-Fi, and lounge and dining areas. Many villas also come with attached plunge pools for a completely unique way to enjoy time in the treetops.

Pink Sands Resort – Explore the wonders of the Caribbean in a private villa

The Bahamas are known for beach-side beauty, providing white sand, clear water, and gracefully arching palm trees. A favorite destination for Americans due to its proximity to the East Coast, there’s no better place to holiday in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pink Sands is a unique Bahamas resort dedicated to upscale service and a casual, beachy vibe. Residences are available in two styles: oceanside cottages and seaside estate rooms. With open layouts, high ceilings, and pale decor, the spirit of the Pink Sands embodies traditional Bahamian style throughout.

Larger villas feature countless amenities, including kitchen areas, multiple bedrooms, living spaces, and private pools to guarantee seclusion while relaxing.

As one of the best full-service resorts in the Caribean, there’s no limit to the opportunities available for guests. Visitors can enjoy old-school glamor at the Blue Bar & Restaurant or upscale dining at Malcolm 51.

Experiences aren’t limited to food, either; guests can play tennis, go snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking, take a dip in the public pools, rent bicycles, or even schedule a soothing massage.

Ladera Resort – Stay in the best St. Lucia has to offer

A romantic oasis in the Atlantic Ocean, St. Lucia is a favorite for thousands of travelers each year and considered to be one of the best hotels with a private pool out there. St. Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean island nation with some of the most beautiful scenery in the Caribbean. Ladera Resort is part of the Rabot Estate, a historic cocoa plantation in Soufrière, which sits right by the ocean’s edge, allowing guests to take in the sights, and enjoy unparalleled customer service.

The hotel is comprised of just 37 rooms and suites, providing an intimate experience to visitors. Built on an eco-friendly philosophy, the resort maintains green practices and a commitment to becoming one with nature. Dining is primarily farm-to-table with most produce grown on-site, and activities include sunrise meditation, garden tours, and a unique sunset tradition every Thursday.

The rooms are truly what define Ladera Resort, offering luxurious accommodations with amenities such as daily full breakfast, butler service, a minibar with specialty drinks and snacks, Wi-Fi, open-air bedrooms, and more than 1,400 square feet of living space. Further, each suite or villa comes with its own private pool attached to a deck, complete with a hanging swing. From romantic getaways to family retreats, these spacious and modern rooms are intended for the utmost in comfort.

A luxury resort is a wonderful place to stay, no matter where you’re going, but a hotel with a private pool makes the experience so much sweeter. With plenty of personal space to enjoy how you wish, access to a private plunge pool can add a little extra excitement to any trip. From family vacations to romantic getaways, the right luxury resort can offer a little something for everyone.

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