Unusual and unique hotels around the world

Looking to stay someplace unusual this holiday? These unique hotels are sure to spark your interest.

Stay on the edge of a cliff with Skylodge Adventure Suites for a unique holiday experience. Image credit: Natura Vive
Stay on the edge of a cliff with Skylodge Adventure Suites for a unique holiday experience. Image credit: Natura Vive

Don’t book a traditional tourist location for your next holiday. Check out some of these unique hotels to give you a whole new look at life.

Sleep in a tree in New Zealand

Instead of booking another hotel room, why not plan to sleep in a tree on the South Island in New Zealand? Located near the Seaward Kaikoura Range along the Kaikoura coast, the beautiful Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses offer wilderness mixed with contemporary design. The location features five Tree Houses, all of which are located about 10 meters off the ground in a canopy of trees, giving you a pristine view of the countryside. You can even see the Pacific Ocean from your bed through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Hapuku Lodge tree houses. Image credit: Hapuku Lodge
Hapuku Lodge tree houses. Image credit: Hapuku Lodge

Spend the night relaxing in the Icehotel in Sweden

There are many outstanding reasons to visit Sweden, but staying in the Icehotel is reason enough to visit on its own. Located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, this one-of-a-kind experience has been around for almost two decades.

The hotel itself is a piece of art, as its structure is made up entirely of ice. The hotel’s features depend on the amount of ice that forms in the region each year. Choose a cold room, which comes with ice sculptures throughout, including beds formed out of ice. If you’re looking to get married, you can also host your wedding in this ice castle.

Icehotel suite designed by Design Linda Vagnelind. Image credit: ©  Asaf Kliger/ICEHOTEL
Icehotel suite designed by Design Linda Vagnelind. Image credit: © Asaf Kliger/ICEHOTEL

Step back into the 1930s in South Devon, U.K.

Those looking for unusual & unique hotels in the UK should visit Burgh Island Hotel, a beautiful, art deco-style hotel on its own tidal island. The hotel was built in 1929 and has since been fully restored to its 1930s glamor. Staying at this island hotel is like stepping back in time, with its pre-war lights and furnishings.

Outside each window is a panoramic view of the waterfront alongside typical English countryside. Famed writers Agatha Christie and Noel Coward used this location as a writer’s retreat. You could pen your own autobiography here.

Enjoy a unique experience in Japan

At Hoshinoya Fuji, you’ll enjoy an experience like no other. This getaway gives you the comfort of a heated room balanced into the forested areas among the foothills looking out to Mount Fiji.

Enjoy views to Mt Fuji at this beautiful camping retreat. Image credit: Hoshino Resorts
Enjoy views to Mt Fuji at this beautiful retreat. Image credit: Hoshino Resorts

You can enjoy open-air yoga during your stay or engage in a food smoking workshop to learn how to flavor your food when cooking outdoors. You can also go horseback riding and enjoy an early morning canoe trip in the waters of the lake. These rooms are positioned in a campfire-like setting, which creates the feeling of being nestled into the woods. The location overlooks Lake Kawaguchi, which creates a relaxing setting.

Stay on the edge of a mountain in Peru

The Skylodge Adventure Suites are perhaps one of the most adventurous and unique hotels featured in this list. Located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru, these small but beautifully designed suites are perched literally on the face of rock walls. To get into your suite, you must climb 400 meters along a trail and take a zipline to the location. The views of the mountains around you are incredible, which can be seen from all angles of these small glass-dome suites.

Sleep among the stars at this breathtaking location. Image credit: Natura Vive
Sleep among the stars at this breathtaking location. Image credit: Natura Vive

Love cars? Stay at this German hotel

For those who love everything to do with cars, staying at Hotel V8 is a dream come true. This unique hotel is located in Stuttgart, Germany, and its concept is based on a love for classic vehicles.

As far as unique hotels go, this location has it all. Each room is decorated to look like a garage, with decals, fixtures, and even a bed that looks like a certain vehicle, from a race car to a vintage vehicle. Enjoy a meetup with friends at the V8 Bar or visit the Restaurant PICK-UP for a classic, elegant dinner.

Get as close to the Northern Lights as you can in Iceland

The Northern Lights are truly a one-of-a-kind experience. For those who wish to get as close to them as possible, staying at Ion Adventure Hotel is your best option. Located in Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik, this hotel sits on a platform that places the hotel well into the sky with unparalleled views of the lights overhead. There’s also an outdoor pool to relax in as you watch the light display above you.

Duck into a cave for in New Mexico

For those who have always dreamed of staying at an interesting bed and breakfast, the Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast offers a great experience. Located in Farmington, New Mexico, guests are able to relax in one of 12 furnished caves below the surface. Book a reliable Blacklane car service in New Mexico to help you get to this location, which is built into a 65-million-year-old cliff face. Those staying here will have a full view of the petrified forests in the area.

Stay in an underground cave if you are looking for a unique hotel experience. Image credit: Kokopelli's Cave B&B
Stay in an underground cave. Image credit: Kokopelli’s Cave B&B

Spend the night in an upcycled plane in Costa Rica

For the plane lovers out there, a stay at the unique Hotel Costa Verde in Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica, could be the most unusual of experiences. The hotel’s frame is a 1965 Boeing 727 plane, which contains a luxury guesthouse with two bedrooms and a view of the surrounding tropical forest.

The interior of the structure is made from locally sourced teak, though the original fuselage remains intact. Guests can step onto what was once the plane’s wings and out onto a lavish patio with ocean views. It’s modernized with air-conditioning to help make the humid climate easier to manage. The hotel also offers a restaurant and pub called El Avion in a nearby C-123 Fairchild cargo plane.