Where to find the best beach resorts

These resorts take you away from the struggles of daily life and put you in the heart of paradise.

Dive into these amazing beach resorts from around the world. Image credit: © tim-mckenna.com
Dive into these amazing beach resorts from around the world. Image credit: © tim-mckenna.com

When you want to explore the beauty of the world or pamper yourself, it’s essential to find the perfect, private getaway to make it possible. Here’s our list of the best beach resorts in the world for 2019.

Seclusion at its best at COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Tucked into a secluded area in the archipelago of Turks and Caicos, COMO Parrot Cay is one of the most relaxing locations around. Considered one of the best luxury beach resorts in the world, a stay here allows you to spend time in a private, untouched area of the islands. It’s just a short 35-minute trip by boat to this charming island from the Providenciales International Airport.

There’s a mile-long beach for you to enjoy in complete silence as there are no cars, no big tourist groups, or commercialism here. The view from the cabana of the open, blue ocean in front of you is nothing short of magical. The breezes help offset the warm temperatures and, in your suite, you’ll find exclusive furnishings.

Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia – Privacy and deep blue waters

The view from the Osprey Pavilion Lounge at Southern Ocean Lodge. Image credit: Southern Ocean Lodge
The view from the Osprey Pavilion Lounge at Southern Ocean Lodge. Image credit: Southern Ocean Lodge

Located on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia, Southern Ocean Lodge is close enough to the area’s amenities but far enough away to give you the privacy you desire.

About one-third of the island is a conservation area, which means the area remains untouched. Wake up and look out of the windows from one of the rooms on offer to see beautiful views of Hansen Bay’s deep blue waters. The rooms themselves are inviting, with modern furniture and incredible glass-to-ceiling windows, giving you front row seats to what’s happening in the water.

GoldenEye, Jamaica’s views and beaches for endless relaxation

If you’re looking for more of a resort-style experience simply visit Jamaica, it is home to some of the best beach resorts in the world. It’s a cultural change that everyone should enjoy at some point in their lives.

Specifically, explore GoldenEye in the northern coastal area of Jamaica. This resort has just 49 rooms, each one with incredibly beautiful furnishings and sweeping views of the open water and white sand beaches.

This is the type of escape movie stars of the 1950s enjoyed – including Katherine Hepburn. There are beach huts dotted along the beautiful coastline, perfect for you to spend your days under the sun. Or, head out for some snorkeling and scuba diving to explore the marine life in the area. The seafront bar on the rooftop of the building is the perfect ending to a magical day

The Brando, French Polynesia offers old world Hollywood charm

Relax by the pool at The Brando. Image credit: The Brando
Relax by the pool at The Brando. Image credit: The Brando

For those who want to take a step back in time to classic-style resorts, The Brando, located in French Polynesia, is an excellent choice.

It’s named after actor Marlon Brando, who filmed the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” here in 1962 and fell in love with the natural beauty of the island. This private island is about 30 miles to the north of Tahiti. You’ll find thatched-roof villas that take you back in time while offering all of the modern luxuries.

There are private yards, large pools, numerous natural areas to explore, and even long trails to walk. While it takes a private plane to make it here, it’s well worth the experience.

The Mulia, Bali is a cultural experience like no other

The island of Bali in Indonesia is a completely different world when it comes to luxury. As one of the best all-inclusive beach resorts in the world, The Mulia is a sensual experience.

It most certainly offers the charm and class of the world’s best resorts, but it also offers elegance like no other. There are large statues, numerous pools, and a variety of retreat areas. There’s also a Hindu temple on the grounds, though a bit more hidden and out of the way. If you want to vacation in an area that allows you to tap into your soul, visit this Bali resort.

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia provides a mountain escape

A view poolside. Image credit: Jade Mountain
A view poolside. Image credit: Jade Mountain

Yet another type of incredible experience takes place on St. Lucia, an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Jade Mountain sits on Anse Chastanet Beach on the mountain’s hillside. It boasts large suites with private pools and the most modern and upscale amenities you can find. Staying at this resort is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to nestle into the wooded area of a tropical region.

Relax at the remote Annandale Seascape, New Zealand

Want something more chic and unique? Then you should check out Annandale Seascape, a private isle located in a rural portion of New Zealand. Although it takes a helicopter to get there, this super-modern resort offers everything you need to relax.

You’ll have beautiful floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow the stunning sunset to come in. And, there’s a private terrace with a functioning fireplace for you to rug up while watching the sunset. Despite this area feeling quote remote, it’s only a short drive to shopping and dining areas.

Explore true luxury on the Caribbean coast at Curtain Bluff

Image credit Curtain Bluff, Antigua
Escape the daily grind in Antigua. Image credit Curtain Bluff

For the best all-inclusive resort in the world, check out Curtain Bluff in Antigua. The resort is an escape from daily life that provides an all-inclusive experience. Enjoy spa treatments with a fine rare wine while relaxing with a Cuban cigar – it’s all available here. On the other hand, if watersports are your thing, the resort is close to Carlisle Bay, which offers a range of options.

Explore Mexican culture at Esperanza an Auberge Resort

The Mexican city of Cabo San Lucas is an incredible experience no matter where you stay because of its location on the waterfront and tropical climate. And Esperanza an Auberge Resort is the best of the city’s resorts.  It’s a truly Mexican experience with a full market to explore, frequent fireworks displays, and lots of traditional music.

A stay at Esperanza means you can explore the nearby Baja desert and explore the beaches of the Baja California peninsula. Perhaps one of the best benefits this resort offers is some of the most comfortable beds in the area.

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