In between meetings in Munich

Blacklane asked German TV personalities Annabelle Mandeng and Tanja Bülter to let us know what a day of meetings in Munich looks like for them. They certainly know how to fill and enjoy a day in Bavaria’s capital city!

We all know how it is: you have a meeting in a city and there is basically no time to do anything else. But what if? What if you go to Munich the next time and you know exactly what to do with that extra hour you have at your disposal before heading to the airport again? Well, this is what you could do!

Smart planning

Tanja and I had to fly from our hometown Berlin to Munich to attend the annual Fashion Charity Dinner. Our schedule was really tight and we both had appointments on top. So we planned ahead and took advantage of Blacklane’s hourly service throughout our trip. In Berlin instead of booking two limousines, we booked one that picked me up first and then drove by Tanja’s. In Munich, we had booked an hourly service to be flexible throughout.

Time to shop

Of course, there are plenty of lovely stores and boutiques in Munich but with a tight schedule, you need to consider which one to pick. We highly recommend Sonja Kiefer‘s store on Maximillian street which is the hotspot for all the top designers. At Sonja Kiefer, you will find beautiful designs for women that fit business, cocktail and evening occasions.

Time for lunch

Going for lunch when the schedule is tight is a luxury but if you can spare that moment the IZAKAYA is the right choice. Tanja had to meet German actress Mariella Ahrens to talk some things through and both were overwhelmed by it! Be it the interior design, the service or most of all the wonderful Asian food. The IZAKAYA proves to be the place to be. It is located inside the ROOMERS hotel which you should definitely check out if you need a stylish place to stay in Munich.

Time for a drink

So in case you stay overnight and you feel like having a drink after a long day full of meetings try out the HOME BAR as it’s really cool! The drinks are great and the atmosphere is comfy but stylish so that you will fit in a business suit as well as an evening dress like the one I had to wear for the charity dinner that Tanja and I attended.

Arriving home in style

I had to take an early flight back the next day as I needed to rush to my next dubbing appointment. When I spotted my Blacklane driver with my name on his pad I knew that I was in good hands again. He brought me home safely so that I was relaxed and on time to leave the house again to dub another character although having to get up super early. Thank you Blacklane it was a real pleasure again!