LA’s worst traffic areas and how to avoid them

If you’re driving in The City of Angels, you’ll want to avoid its most infamous roads. Here’s how to spend more time exploring, and less time in gridlock.

A street sign hanging off a traffic light says Los Angeles.
LA’s traffic is as notorious as it’s stars. Image credit: Tommao Wang/Unsplash

Los Angeles, like many North American cities, is incredibly car-centric — to say the least. The idea of traversing the city over any period of time without a car is almost unthinkable. Public transit systems are somewhat limited, while the accessibility of sidewalks and shaded streets (remember the hot Californian summers) make walking an unpalatable prospect. 

And yet for a city so beholden to the automobile, LA can be synonymous with gridlock, congestion and a whole lot of stress. Two of the top-ten most congested streets in the country are located within the LA boundaries, which is why Blacklane is on hand to give some insight into which areas to avoid and at what times.

Roads to avoid

A recent study has shown that Los Angeles is the sixth worst city in the United States for traffic jams, with the average Angelino losing 62 hours of their life every year sitting in their car going nowhere – almost double the national average. 

It’s official — what many Angelinos had no doubt suspected for years has been confirmed with raw data. The southbound I-5 (Interstate 5) between Euclid Avenue to Interstate-605 is the most gridlocked road in the United States. Someone using this stretch of road for a daily work commute would lose, on average, 89 hours of their life every year. 

Elsewhere, the Hollywood (101) Freeway stretching from Ventura Freeway to the Harbor Freeway is also prone to gridlock, suffering from the effects of large commuter areas that rely upon it and the geography of the Hollywood Hills, prohibiting the creation of alternative routes. This means that LA is home to two of the busiest traffic corridors in the entire country. In a city always looking for the biggest and the best, this is one record-breaking achievement most residents would be happier without. 
As pandemic restrictions begin to ease this year, those making use of LA’s roads can only expect matters to get worse. Angelinos wasted almost $1000 on average every year on gas while sitting in queues in 2021. And these figures predate the recent explosion in fuel prices – so you can prepare yourself for the current climate to be even worse.

Ride will Blacklane to leave Los Angeles’ traffic in the rearview mirror.

Your ideal alternative

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