Looking for a safer option to get around NYC?

Blacklane chauffeurs can be ready in minutes to get you home from work or a night out.

In a typical week in New York City pre-pandemic, just over two-thirds of commuters would take the subway, according to the Department of Transportation’s Citywide Mobility survey.

In October 2020 that dramatically changed, with NYC DOT finding most New Yorkers preferred to walk or take their own vehicles – likely to avoid large groups of people during the pandemic.

While vaccines have helped New York to reopen gradually, fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus might not be the only thing that is seeing commuters searching for other forms of safer transport.

Why commuters are still wary of subways 

Crime and harassment on trains and in stations is the biggest issue for subway commuters, ahead of health and safety, according to a recent Metropolitan Transportation Authority survey.

In the first quarter of this year, subway riders felt “substantially less safe from crime and accidents in the subway system than they did six months ago,” according to the report.  

It found only a quarter of subway riders felt safe from crime and harassment on trains – a drop from 65 percent at the end of 2019.

Chauffeur company Blacklane can offer New Yorkers a safer commute. When you download the Blacklane app, you have access to professional chauffeurs in New York City. All drivers prioritizes guest safety and are trained to make every trip – whether it’s an on-demand or scheduled booking – a safe, comfortable, and peaceful experience.

Street harassment in NYC

Street harassment in New York City can also be a deterrent for traveling – especially at night or in certain neighborhoods, according to survey responses in NYC DOT’s 2019 survey.

Nearly a quarter of women who responded said they’d changed their travel times and/or avoided going out at night due to street harassment. 

Of those who identified as non-binary, 83 percent said they’d changed their route or avoided walking in certain areas because of their experience with street harassment. 

If you don’t own a car – or do, and would rather not spend most of your evening trying to find a parking spot – the options to easily get across the city quickly and privately might seem limited.

But, they’re not. Blacklane welcomed a new service into its operations earlier this year to help New Yorkers make safe and quick trips across the city, without any hassle.

Chauffeur hailing – an affordable, safe option

Blacklane’s chauffeur-hailing service is there for you when you need it. Any ride is possible when you download the Blacklane app.

You simply enter your pickup location, where you’d like to go, and a premium vehicle driven by a professional chauffeur will be with you within minutes. 

All professionally-trained chauffeurs are local New Yorkers who know the city like the back of their hand. They know where road closures or construction is underway, they know how to avoid congestion as much as possible, and are skilled in making your trip, however short, peaceful.

While a fixed-price ride might not be as cheap as a subway ticket, the peace of mind it brings to your day, or night, will be worth it.