Inside Miami’s Most Exclusive Members-Only Clubs

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Discover Miami’s most exclusive members-only clubs. Explore where the city’s elite meet and unwind in luxurious, private settings.

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Miami is a haven of relaxation, where palm-lined beaches, soothing ocean breezes, and laid-back vibes invite visitors to unwind and recharge. Image credit: ImageSource/Gettyimages

Miami, a sun-drenched paradise, has long been a magnet for the rich and famous, drawn by its vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and luxurious lifestyle. Since the glamorous days of the 1950s and ’60s, when celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor graced its shores, Miami has cultivated a unique allure. Today, it continues to be a premier destination, not only for its scenic landscapes and cultural richness but also for its exclusive members-only clubs. These venues offer more than just privacy; they provide an oasis where the elite converge to relax, socialize, and conduct business away from the public eye. Dive into the world of Miami’s most exclusive members-only clubs, where luxury and exclusivity define every encounter.

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Soho Beach House

Concept: Soho Beach House captures the essence of Miami’s iconic beachfront luxury combined with the distinctive style of Soho Houses around the world. Originally conceived as a haven for creatives, artists, and filmmakers, this private members’ club extends its invitation to those who are drawn to its unique blend of cultural and social dynamism. Located in the historic site of the Sovereign Hotel, the property has been meticulously renovated to preserve its Art Deco heritage while infusing it with contemporary chic.

Ambiance: As you step into Soho Beach House, you are greeted by an atmosphere that balances classic elegance with a relaxed beachside ethos. The design incorporates lush, tropical elements with sophisticated decor, creating inviting spaces that echo the spirit of both the historical and modern aspects of Miami Beach. The House features antique furnishings and reclaimed wood fixtures that complement its ocean views and sandy surroundings, making every corner a picturesque setting for relaxation and socialization. The club’s private beach and two swimming pools — one beachside and another on the rooftop — provide serene escapes with breathtaking views and stylish comforts. Additionally, spaces like the Screening Snug and Library offer cozy retreats for intellectual and cultural engagement, embodying the club’s dedication to fostering a community of creative thinkers.

Experience: Dining at the club’s eighth-floor rooftop restaurant, Ocho, is a culinary highlight, where the Flavors of haute cuisine meet the spectacular backdrop of the Atlantic. The Beachbar enhances the beach experience with exquisite cocktails and the soothing sound of waves. For relaxation, the Cowshed spa provides a sanctuary of wellness. Soho Beach House also offers a vibrant array of cultural programming, including private film screenings, art shows, and live performances, alongside exclusive events such as designer showcases and bespoke culinary nights. These experiences are designed to enrich the intellectual and creative lives of its members, with personalized services such as tailored wellness programs and private event planning enhancing the bespoke nature of membership. 

Membership: Offers various tiers, each providing unique benefits including access to exclusive areas and events; approval is committee-based. Hotel accommodations are available to non-members, subject to availability.

The Bath Club

Concept: Established in 1926 by the renowned architect Robert A. Taylor, The Bath Club is Miami Beach’s oldest private membership club, a testament to the golden era of the Jazz Age. This historic venue seamlessly blends its rich heritage with contemporary finesse, encapsulating the Mediterranean influences of its design. The club stands as a beacon of luxury, providing a unique blend of historical charm and modern sophistication.

A modern high-rise condominium tower with white and blue exterior, standing behind a row of colorful, Mediterranean-style townhouses under a cloudy sky.
The Bath Club Miami, a prestigious private club in Miami Beach, known for luxury and exclusivity. Image credit: Wikimedia

Ambiance: The club’s grounds boast over 26,000 square feet of versatile event spaces and 50,000 linear feet of pristine sandy beach, setting the stage for unforgettable weddings and grandiose events. The Grand Ballroom and Historic Ballroom, with high ceilings, dramatic chandeliers, and original inlaid wood flooring, serve as perfect canvases for any special occasion, offering a majestic backdrop that adds to the grandeur.

Experience: Members are welcomed into a world of ‘Inclusive Exclusivity’, focusing on creating experiences and memories that transcend the ordinary. Dining at The Bath Club is an affair to remember with The Courtyard offering relaxed al fresco dining under the shade of palm trees and a bougainvillea-wrapped pergola, while The Collins Room transports guests back to the jet-set era of Miami Beach’s 1950s and ’60s with its glamorous setting and elevated cuisine. For those seeking relaxation, The Hut invites members to unwind in chaise lounges or daybeds, with both pool and beachside service ensuring a day of serene indulgence. The club’s commitment to upholding its proud heritage while embracing sustainability in its operations ensures that every visit is imbued with an air of ‘Effortless Elegance’.

Membership: Exclusive, determined by shared interests rather than solely wealth or status (What does that entail precisely? Your guess is as good as our).

ZZ’s Club Miami

Concept: ZZ’s Club Miami, located in the Miami Design District, embodies the pinnacle of exclusivity and culinary excellence. Envisioned by the esteemed Major Food Group, this private membership club serves as a sanctuary for connoisseurs of fine dining and bespoke service, offering a unique and refined escape from the ordinary.

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Finding bliss in the warmth of the sun and the laughter of friends. Image credit: PeopleImages/Gettyimages

Ambiance: Upon entering, members are enveloped in the luxurious designs by Ken Fulk, which enhance the club’s lavish atmosphere. The club features a glamorous lounge with plush velvet sofas, a serene cigar terrace with hand-rolled Cubans, and intimate dining rooms that beckon with their understated elegance. Each space is designed to offer a sense of comfort and luxury, underpinned by an aesthetic that balances tradition with modernity.

Experience: At the heart of ZZ’s Club, a 16-seat omakase sushi bar showcases highly acclaimed sushi chefs at work. Here, culinary artistry reaches new heights with each piece of nigiri, meticulously crafted from ingredients sourced directly from Tokyo. The dining experience extends beyond sushi to include Kobe beef grilled on custom-built charcoal grills and delicacies like uni and toro, each dish a testament to Japan’s rich culinary heritage. In the lounge, members can unwind with live jazz and rare whiskies, while the outdoor terrace offers a picturesque view of the Miami skyline, perfect for enjoying a fine cigar under the stars.

Fun Fact: The name “ZZ” comes from Major Food Group Co-Owner Jeff Zalaznick’s nickname.

Membership: Invite-only, with limited information on the application process, fees, or selection criteria available to the public.

Faena Rose

Concept: Faena Rose is an exclusive private members’ club located in Miami’s vibrant Faena District, renowned for its world-class design and stylish Faena Hotel. The club is dedicated to art and culture, providing a unique platform for dynamic individuals who are passionate about cultural enrichment and intellectual engagement. Through its innovative offerings, Faena Rose aims to cultivate a community that sees art, culture, and current affairs as vital components of an enriched life.

Ambience: Faena Rose crafts an environment that elegantly blends luxury with a deep commitment to cultural sophistication in the arts and architecture. Members enjoy access to the Faena Playa beach club and the award-winning Tierra Santa Healing House, spaces that reflect the club’s dedication to artistic and architectural excellence. Integrated into the broader Faena District, the club places members at the heart of Miami’s art scene, celebrated for its innovative installations and design achievements that contribute to a stimulating and exclusive atmosphere.

Experience: Faena Rose provides a robust calendar of more than 60 exclusive arts and cultural events annually, featuring A-list speakers, performers, and guests like Clive Davis, Salman Rushdie, and Martha Stewart. Events range from pre-release film screenings and intimate Q&As to exclusive dance and music performances, guest chef dinners, and master classes. Members also have VIP access to all venues within the Faena District, experiencing everything from intimate shows and special dining occasions to educational classes and hands-on family activities. The club not only offers its members special pricing and reservations but also invites them to partake in philanthropic initiatives, supporting local cultural institutions and non-profit organizations through community engagement and support.

Membership: Membership at Faena Rose is exclusive, limited to just 500 individuals, including notable figures and royalty. The club refers to its membership as a “limited Rose opportunity,” highlighting its selectivity and prestige.

Casa Tua

Concept: Casa Tua is designed to embody the warmth and intimacy of visiting a cherished friend’s home, blending the allure of a boutique hotel with the exclusivity of a private members’ club. At the heart of Casa Tua, art plays a pivotal role, transforming every space into a platform that celebrates both emerging and established artists, fostering a culture of appreciation and global connectivity.

Ambience: The ambience at Casa Tua is crafted to engage all the senses, merging refined elegance with a relaxed, homely feel. Dining options range from the cozy Library, with its elegant Italian decor and significant artworks, to the magical outdoor garden, where lantern-lit trees and candlelight create an enchanting setting. The Chef’s Table offers a vibrant, interactive experience, allowing guests to observe the culinary artistry up close in a semi-private setting that captures the kitchen’s energy and creativity.

Experience: Casa Tua offers a multitude of dining experiences, from the intimate settings of the Garden Patio and East Garden, which provide serene, lush surroundings, to the lively atmosphere of the Chef’s Table. Each space, whether indoor or alfresco, promises a unique culinary journey highlighted by organic, ethically sourced ingredients and a thoughtful wine list. The upstairs Club extends the hospitality further, offering a cozy lounge for members to entertain and enjoy panoramic views from the Club Terrace. For those seeking a luxurious escape, Casa Tua Hotel offers a sanctuary of personalized comfort. The five individually designed suites, meticulously crafted by renowned designer Michele Bonan, provide a tranquil haven.

Membership: There are multiple membership tiers, including options for individuals, couples, and even a special rate for those under 34 years old. Some memberships grant access solely to the Miami location, while others (“Global Casa”) provide access to Casa Tua locations around the world, including Aspen, New York, and potentially others.

MM Club by Mila

Concept: Perched atop the vibrant streets of South Beach, MM Club by Mila, the brainchild of the Riviera Dining Group, offers an exclusive members-only escape. This club situates itself as a sophisticated enclave located just above the renowned MILA Restaurant, blending the worlds of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines into a seamless fusion that redefines luxury dining.

Ambiance: As you ascend to the second floor, the ambiance of MM Club unfolds into a realm of elegant taste and sophistication. The interior reflects a harmonious blend of cultural influences, with a design that complements its Mediterranean and Asian culinary roots. This setting provides not only a backdrop for dining but also a canvas for high-end social and cultural gatherings, where every detail from lighting to decor is curated to enhance the sense of exclusivity.

Experience: Under the guidance of three-time Michelin-starred chef Michael Michaelidis, MM Club offers a culinary odyssey with bespoke mixology and innovative cuisine that tantalizes the senses. The club’s programming is as diverse as it is exclusive, featuring tasting and mixology events, lifestyle partnerships, and an extensive music program. Members enjoy priority access to an elite network of luxury restaurants and lounges, both locally and nationally. Exclusive events, private dinners, and entertainment options such as watch parties and fashion shows elevate the member experience, ensuring a vibrant social calendar and a luxurious lifestyle that extends beyond the walls of the club.

Membership: Selective, requiring a referral and committee approval for admission.

The Club at the Moore

Concept: A recent addition to Miami’s luxury landscape, The Club at the Moore is located in the vibrant heart of the Miami Design District. Serving as a sanctuary for the city’s elite, this private social club is where art, culture, and opulence converge. Meticulously restored, the club stands as a testament to Miami’s rich history and its future as a cultural hub.

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Cheers to endless summer days and unforgettable nights with friends. Image credit: DisobeyArt/Gettyimages

Ambiance: Spanning nearly 20,000 square feet, the club’s interiors celebrate Miami’s architectural splendor, designed to cater to both the luminaries of today and the tastemakers of tomorrow. Its spaces, both grand and private, encapsulate the essence of luxury and exclusivity, appealing to those seeking a refined atmosphere.

Experience: Culinary artistry at The Club at the Moore caters to the internationally informed tastes of Miami, offering members exclusive access to a chef-driven restaurant, multiple bars, lounges, and private dining rooms. Each provides a unique dining experience reflective of Miami’s eclectic food scene, promising an unparalleled epicurean journey. The club’s cultural events, featuring acoustic performances and art showcases, alongside an art program that rotates works from Miami’s renowned collectors, position The Moore as a hub of inspiration and sophistication.

Membership: Membership is exclusive, targeting a specific clientele. Details about the application process and criteria are kept private, ensuring an atmosphere of exclusivity and discretion.

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