How to relax on tour with Blacklane

Life on tour might be the dream of many, but when you’re traveling between shows, we know that with all the glamor comes little downtime. A chauffeur service like Blacklane might be the solution to get you the most relaxation out of your busy schedule.

You are the ultimate modern business traveler with a twist. It’s not meetings you’re jetting between (though you have those, too): hearing the cheer of the crowd, seeing it move, feeling the music that you alone have curated for them that evening, that is your energy, your oxygen… your business engagement. But how much of the time around your show do you get to enjoy?

You often travel by day to work by night. A 5 a.m. pickup in Berlin for a 7 a.m. flight to London. Catch some shut-eye before a 3 a.m. show followed by an early morning flight to Paris. Interview and photo shoot on arrival, just enough time for some dinner and you’re getting ready for the club that night.

As a musician, DJ or producer traveling alone, you find yourself in Europe one weekend and in South America the next. Different time zones, languages, currencies and customs add to the preparation for each stop. Little feels familiar, everything comes with its own small struggles.

That’s where chauffeur services like those offered by Blacklane come in. Blacklane provides the constant in your travels. From the moment you step out of your house to when you reach your destination, we can accompany you. We are sure to have you covered with our services available in over 250 cities around the world. Enjoy knowing your door-to-door journey is booked ahead of time for each stop.

What about those incredible locations you can’t find the time to enjoy? Have everything organised – and you will even have the opportunity to fit in some quality time in the cities you spend your evenings entertaining.

We asked hip hop legend Wyclef Jean to put Blacklane’s complete service to the test when he played at SXSW© 2018 in Austin, Texas. The result was a seamless, personalized experience which allowed him to recharge in his downtime so he could give it his all when the spotlight was back on him.

But why Blacklane?

Even with a less busy schedule, Blacklane is there to bring peace of mind to your busy day. Relax in the knowledge that your driver will contact you when they are on their way to you as well as when they have arrived. Even then, you have 15 minutes wait time included for regular pickups and an hour wait time for airport pickups. With Blacklane, you won’t feel the rush, as you are always in the know. Our services are of course paid for by the credit card you save upon booking. No need for getting the right foreign change out and easy to add to your expenses via downloadable invoice.

If we’ve convinced you that Blacklane is the service you’ve been waiting for, then just click here to book our chauffeur service. We can’t wait to have you along for the ride!