Take a tour of LA’s art scene with Blacklane

Los Angeles’ vibrant art scene is worth exploring, with plenty of artistic hubs dotted across the city. Find out where to go and how Blacklane can help.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art showcases Chris Burden’s “Urban Light” sculpture. Image credit: Ruben Gutierrez/Unsplash

With hundreds of art spaces dotted across the sprawling city of Los Angeles, it can feel overwhelming to try and visit as many gallery visits as possible.

That’s because there’s no “central LA” where all galleries and art spaces sit. Their addresses are as diverse as the communities they’re in, which is why getting around with ease is a must.

Scour any travel forum for the best suggestions on getting around Los Angeles and most locals will say to drive and plan out your itinerary in advance.

But, with Blacklane, you can visit LA more spontaneously. When you download the Blacklane app, you’ll get access to local chauffeurs who’ll whisk you off to your preferred galleries with ease. You can either book a single ride to one gallery or book by the hour to explore an entire area at your own pace.

Professionally trained chauffeurs will always trump your GPS device and know which routes to get you there as quickly as possible. 

Blacklane’s premium vehicles provide peace of mind. With sanitized interiors, a quiet backseat, and plenty of legroom, they offer a welcome respite between gallery hops.

Take a look at our top list of must-visit artistic hubs to help make your next cultural trip to LA a breeze.

The Westside

The Westside is what most visitors envision when they think of LA – the Santa Monica Pier, Malibu mansions, and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

There’s also a wealth of great galleries in this glamorous area to explore, from the famous Getty Center up in the hills to the more edgy Hammer Museum in Westwood.

The Getty Center. Image credit: Grant Thomas/Unsplash
The Getty Center. Image credit: Grant Thomas/Unsplash

Just to the east in Beverly Hills is Gagosian, a global gallery space that’s been around since 1980. The space attracts its fair share of celebrities given its close proximity to Rodeo Drive.

If you’re visiting for LA Frieze in February, the fair will be just off Wilshire Boulevard, south of Gagosian. 

While you’re in this area, it’s worth booking a Blacklane chauffeur to take you south down to Blum & Poe along La Cienega Boulevard in Culver City. The gallery showcases both international and emerging artists within its dynamic 22,000 square-foot complex.

La Cienega Boulevard is worth taking a stroll along, given the number of great galleries to help you spend an afternoon, including Anat Ebgi and the Honor Fraser Gallery.


The glittering district of Hollywood has more to offer its visitors than just studio tours and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Start off at the starkly-designed Regen Projects on Santa Monica Boulevard for a wide roster of contemporary artists. Past exhibitions have featured work from Wolfgang Tillmans, Jack Pierson, and Catherine Opie.

You’ll find the spacious gallery of Jeffrey Deitch nearby, where a rotation of exhibits showcase exciting works year-round.

Just a few blocks away is Various Small Fires, a commercial venue with an outdoor gallery dedicated to sculptures and installations. The gallery also runs 100 percent on solar energy, making it a must-see spot for eco-conscious people. 

Further south is a trio of dedicated art spaces. The 20-acre Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a must-visit with it’s Instagram-worthy lights display. Kayne Griffin and the David Kordansky Gallery both pay homage to LA talent. 

Downtown LA

Art gallery The Broad's exterior. Image credit: Julien Moreau/Unsplash
Art gallery The Broad’s exterior. Image credit: Julien Moreau/Unsplash

As the city’s geographical center, it’s no surprise there’s a wealth of galleries and art spaces worth stopping in at.

Book a Blacklane chauffeur by the hour and make a day of exploring this area in style. Stop in at Baert Gallery where emerging West-Coast and European artists showcase their work. 

Drive over to the Fashion District to experience the ambitious exhibits at Château Shatto. Then make your way north to the Chinatown Arts District to visit Stanley’s, a space dedicated to sculpture, design, and painting.

A few blocks north is the Charlie James Gallery, where you can discover emerging artists.

Notable mentions in Downtown also include The Broad, with its honeycomb-like exterior dedicated to modern art as well as the more well-known Museum of Contemporary Art.

Regardless of which area you decide to visit, Blacklane chauffeurs are the perfect choice to travel around Los Angeles safely and without hassle.