The best coworking spaces in Madrid

Need a place to work for a few hours or perhaps a few months? Get down to business at our pick of the best spaces for coworking in Madrid.

Aerial view of Madrid at dusk. Image credit: Eloi_Omella/iStock
Aerial view of Madrid at dusk. Image credit: Eloi_Omella/iStock

Coworking in Madrid is booming, with remote workers, companies, and corporate travelers all enjoying the flexible and cost-effective option these spaces offer.  In March, commercial real estate company Cushman & Wakefield reported 26,800 square meters of coworking space in Madrid had been contracted out between January and September in 2018 which, when combined with the 29,100 square meters of coworking space rented in Barcelona during the same period, represented a 71 percent increase in coworking spaces leased across the two cities.

The coworking scene in the Spanish capital is dominated by startups, with 1,235 tech startups in Madrid alone. The EU Parliament ranks Madrid tenth on a line-up of the most attractive cities in Europe for startups and it’s easy to see why. Madrid offers several draw cards for those looking to work remotely or independently, including relatively low overheads and local government support.

The number of freelancers, known as “autonomos” in Madrid, is also on the rise. In January 2019, there were reportedly 400,000 freelancers in the Spanish city. So what brought about the flourishing startup and freelancer scene in Madrid? Many believe the main catalyst was the global financial crisis in 2007, which hit the Iberian Peninsula hard and pushed for more innovative ways of working. A highly educated population and lower salaries than the European norm proved attractive to startup founders and investors. Government assistance to leverage international and domestic investment also helped to boost entrepreneurship in the Spanish capital. 

Across Madrid, the majority of coworking spaces offer more than just a desk or office, they can also be a source of sorely-needed business support for those looking to stay long-term, with on-site community managers available to help you secure any financial and legal advice.

The following suggestions are by no means an exhaustive list of coworking spaces in Madrid, but it’s a good starting point to try out some of the unique and well-known coworking spaces to test out.

Central Madrid – virtual offices, hot-desks, and meeting rooms

If you speak Spanish and are either planning to stay in Madrid long-term or are just checking the feasibility of coworking in the city, then take advantage of the services offered by Madrid Emprende, a government-funded center offering free advice, resources, and office space to lease to help entrepreneurs and new businesses. 

If you’re ready to get stuck into work, then just south of Campo del Moro Gardens and the Royal Palace you’ll find a hub of young entrepreneurs, students, and advisors at Google for Startups Campus, known as “the Campus”.

Apart from having free entry (you just need to create a free membership to use the space), it is also one of the most comfortable spaces to hang out and work in, with spacious with contemporary furniture and decor. There’s an auditorium for events that attracts investors and novice entrepreneurs alike, a cafeteria with a limited but affordable menu of tasty meals and snacks, shared workspaces across two floors and, of course, several plug points and excellent Wi-Fi. Booths for four people are available if you get there early enough, but otherwise, be prepared to share your workspace and perhaps make a new work colleague or friend.

To access the Campus, simply enroll online and pick up your membership card by verifying who you are with a valid form of ID at reception.

According to Federico Kodela, Google for Startups’ program manager, the Campus’ main aim “to level the playing field for all startups and founders”.

The Campus also offers mentoring programs for burgeoning startups. Now in its third cycle, the six-month programs give eight hand-picked startups the opportunity to learn from Google’s success and maximize their chances of scaling up. 

Declarando, a startup that offers administration services to freelancers and businesses, reportedly garnered €535K in investor money in just three months as a result of exposure through their residency in 2018.

Google's the Campus. Image credit: Javier Prieto Alonso
Google’s the Campus. Image credit: Javier Prieto Alonso

For somewhere with more facilities and a dedicated community manager, head to Utopicus. The contemporary and fresh design of Utopicus’ coworking spaces will inspire you to dream big and work hard. There are four different coworking plans, from flexible drop-in hours for individuals, to fully-fledged office spaces for companies. Meeting rooms, mailbox, and printing services are all available. Utopicus has six locations in central Madrid so you’ll be sure to find one close to your hotel. 

Each space attracts a specific demographic. Utopicus in Calle Colegiata was one of the first Utopicus branches and has offices for teams and small companies. The bar/cafe is cozy and welcoming, and meeting rooms and a communal area downstairs give it a hip vibe.

Just around the corner, you’ll find Utopicus at Calle Duque de Rivas, while the Gran Via office is great for drop-ins and attracts international corporate travelers.

Above all, fostering a strong and tight-knit community is Utopicus’ goal. Whether through networking events such as weekly after-work drinks at the on-site bar and cafe, or the open, bright communal spaces to work or rest from, Utopicus works hard to create and maintain a relaxed ambiance.

Light-filled Utopicus. Image credit: Javier Prieto Alonso
Light-filled Utopicus. Image credit: Javier Prieto Alonso

If you’re more of a global traveler and want to feel at home whichever continent you’re on, try Impact Hub. Part of a global chain of coworking spaces in more than 100 cities, Madrid is home to five Impact Hub branches. All offer a range of options from hot-desking, half-day rates, fixed desks, as well as office space for individuals or teams of up to forty people. The Alameda and Piamonte branches also hire out venue spaces in addition to coworking options. If you have an Impact Hub Passport, use it to access any of their international network of offices.

There’s also Plázida near Plaza España in the rustic Royal Tapestry Factory which offers daily rates or a pass for 40 hours/month. If you want to practice your Spanish and you’ll be in Madrid for a while, check out The Shed in Salamanca or Mad Hat in Tetuan, north of the center. Both offer fixed desks, hot desks, and full offices.

Creative coworking in Madrid – when you need more than a desk

Spain is well-known for its food, fashion, and fiestas. If you’re an artistic type, here are some of our favorite alternative coworking spaces.

FoodLab, part of the Urban Campus brand which includes co-living options, caters to all levels of the hospitality industry, from budding food and beverage entrepreneurs to successful restaurants that need a professional kitchen and venue space to beta-test and validate ideas. You’ll find it just east of the Royal Palace in Calle de Juan de Herrera.

The coworking space is cute and cozy with desks rented on a monthly basis. There is also a professional kitchen, which includes specialized cooking utensils and equipment and an intimate venue space available for hire, which can host up to fifty people and is tucked away behind the professional kitchen. Check availability if you want to organize a special event that requires catering on-site. The spaces can be rented by the hour, day, or in bulk hours if you know you need it for a big project. 

Some of FoodLab’s biggest clients are businesses that operate digital restaurants or ghost kitchens, prioritizing takeaway deliveries ordered via platforms such as Deliveroo, Glovo, and Stuart.

The biggest attraction is its 250 member-strong community. From concerts to weekly yoga sessions and pop-up dinners hosted by members, FoodLab is all about community and work-life balance. 

Espacio Nueva Carolina in Tetuan is a gorgeous multi-use space for creative types. Its retro Miami-inspired space boasts a photography studio for shoots and full services for film producers. Event space is also available for intimate, bespoke gatherings. Catering, lighting equipment, props, and styling assistants can be arranged on-site.

The Cube specializes in state-of-the-art digital and maker spaces if you need to hold a tech conference or do some prototyping or programming. It’s found around five kilometers north-west of the center. For Spanish-speakers, Espacio Ucrania, which is only a few blocks north of Plaza España, offers 3D-printing services and dedicated studios for working with textiles, wood, metal and other materials.

Or try Factoria Cultural which provides similar amenities in a renovated slaughterhouse called Matadero Madrid, just south of the vibrant Las Delicias neighborhood. WASP is another one worth checking out if you need practical tools and support, catering to 3D-printing enthusiasts. It’s a short distance from the Matadero Madrid in Comillas – cross over the highway and the Manzanares river to reach it.

Hotel lobbies and cafes – mixing work with pleasure

Check out the following hotel lobbies and cafes for a well-deserved cocktail or shot of caffeine. If you want to lobby-hop, book a Blacklane chauffeur service to get around the city in ease and comfort. 

Only You Hotel near the central Atocha train station is the perfect place for anyone that wants to catch up on work after admiring the masterpieces of Spanish art at El Prado or La Reina Sofia or to meet clients in a relaxed environment. 

Only You Hotel. Image credit: Javier Prieto Alonso
Only You Hotel. Image credit: Javier Prieto Alonso

The architecturally-acclaimed hotel shows off its luxurious lobby with retro-style armchairs, soft lighting, and a leather sofa wrapped around a 360-degree bookcase. It also features a restaurant, well-known patisserie Mama Framboise, and a snug sitting area, all of which have strong and free Wi-Fi.  During the summer months, the terrace bar is open from 7 p.m. if you want to ditch the laptop and enjoy Madrid’s skyline with a sundowner. If you like the idea of working from a private suite, be sure to check out the hotel’s room rates and book prior to arriving.

Federal Cafe‘s chain of hipster hangouts has two branches in Madrid. The main cafe is just a short stroll from Plaza Mayor, close to the Basilica de San Miguel. You’ll find the other in Malasaña on a quiet corner a few blocks east of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Both have matching interiors, so you can catch up on emails at the breezy window seats or at the shared working table inside across either location.

Plugin points are available and both sites have dedicated Wi-Fi, which doesn’t require a password. But, working at either location on the weekend is not allowed, so bear that in mind if you’ve got a deadline or want to work on a Saturday. Apart from being an alternative to traditional coworking in Madrid, it’s an informal place to have a breakfast meeting. Try the oven-baked eggs and order a flat white, one of the few places in Madrid that serves milky coffee.


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